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Aim/Furious skill calculation error

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Link to post - Posted January 4th 2015 at 2:06 PM
Last Edited January 4th 2015 at 2:28 PM
I believe there is an error in the Ranger's Aim skill (at least, when used in conjunction with Pierce).

I ran a few tests using lvl 10 pierce and no dex modifiers, for a base damage of 16.9k.

When paired with aim lvl 1, I was hitting monsters for 35k damage. When paired with level 5 aim or lvl 10 aim, I was still hitting monsters for 35k damage.

I would have expected to be hitting for 35k at level 1 aim, but much higher at higher aim levels. It appears that the game calculation engine is applying lvl 1 aim, regardless of the aim skill level.

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Link to post - Posted January 4th 2015 at 2:29 PM
On further testing (a guild member tested using Furious on his warrior) the same results are seen. The game calculation engine applies lvl 1 Furious when paired with Impale, regardless of the actual skill level in Furious (ie 105% damage modifier is applied all the time.)

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Link to post - Posted January 5th 2015 at 1:45 AM
Last Edited January 5th 2015 at 2:10 AM
Good work noticing this...

I'm surprised it's taken anyone so long to find this!

I'm a Wizard, and annoyed that I have no aim/furious equivalent, or I would have noticed this kind of error myself very quickly.

Annie has just confirmed this in a quick test on her warrior character... fighting the same person in the arena:

1 point in furious = 2047 damage
7 points in furious = 2047 damage

I already think that Wizards are at a massive disadvantage not having a skill like this for being able to kill the Troll in HoT (level 40 boss)... A Ranger or Warrior (at equivalent (or lower) progress in the game as myself), is able to kill the troll every day using furious/aim... Now to learn now that they are only getting damage from level 1, annoys me even more that Wizards are so weak (vs the troll) in comparison...

Ranger and Warrior get an extra 5 HoT tokens per day over me, while I really struggle to kill the troll without any such skill.

Wizards already do less damage with Flame Laser (their high damage skill) as it is - before even calculating furious/aim.

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Link to post - Posted January 5th 2015 at 7:08 AM
Thanks for confirming the skill error.

I'm not entirely sure why you're using this bug report thread to complain about the lack of a wizard equivalent skill. Just because someone around your gear level is able to use class skills effectively in specific scenarios, does not imply a "massive disadvantage" to wizards.

Wizards have the potential to generate energy much faster than warriors/rangers. Not to mention the secondary attributes on virtually every attack that can deal damage over time or reduce armor.

The damage formula for flame laser appears to be more or less in line with Impale or Pierce, so I don't really think the damage difference is material.. especially when factoring the secondary ability of ignoring magic resist.

Really, what you should be complaining about is the lack of armor/magic resist on monsters. This is what is making the secondary abilities on your skills seem silly.. when in fact, warrior/ranger damage should be consistently reduced by monster armor, and your flame laser should occasionally do 35% more DMG due to the secondary.

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Link to post - Posted January 6th 2015 at 11:28 AM
Andy , warriors can't beat the troll unless they have vip and respec between the 2 battles. I think the fact that Die is the only one who can is not relevant for warriors as a class. I won't be able to beat the troll until I'll have 80 k life and with 80 k life you would be able to do it too or any wizard. I didn't notice the flaw in furious cause I don't have the luxury to put even one point in that, it's useless without strength anyway.

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Link to post - Posted January 7th 2015 at 12:02 PM
Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack the thread with my rant, but to answer Shiki...

Quite right Shiki... The free VIP respecs are fairly P2W when it comes to respeccing to fight a boss like the troll. By "(at equivalent (or lower) progress in the game as myself)" - I meant, someone who also has VIP. If you could respec to build up rage with your first life, then respec for furious and impale, I'm sure you'd have a better than average chance to kill the troll.

Wizards absolutely cannot generate power (energy/mana/rage) faster... we actually generate power slower than ranger and warrior for some reason! - Our skill that gives a large bump of power costs 10 power to use! - so before we can use it on the troll, we have to do 2 fireball first... then it has a long cooldown before it can be used again (about 4-5 more troll attacks!).

But yes... lets not discuss my ranting on this bug report thread - but at least it's kept the thread bumped up :P
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