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Cut scene dialogue lag on many of Jareq's missions thwarting 3-star speed scores

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Link to post - Posted December 31st 2014 at 7:31 AM
I've played Jareq's Night in the Desert and The Fleeing Bandit numerous times and can't get more than a 2.5 time score, even with skipping loot and smashing, battling with all my speed rings on, etc.

The main problem I see is how long the dialogue bubbles take in those missions. Aside from one or two bubbles where you can click to keep it moving, there's no option to immediately close the other dialogue bubbles and you have to sit and wait for them to clear, wasting valuable seconds, clicking furiously to try to move it along.

Just wanted to raise to see if there was an issue with the dialogue lag (and if there's a player out there who has 3-starred and has tips, let me know!). There was another thread back in November on Night in the Desert, but it's past the point of resurrecting.
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