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What is Mystic Guardians?
Mystic Guardians is a monster collection, battling and adventure game where the player captures, trains and battles mystical monsters called Guardians.
Does Mystic Guardians have energy or anything else to limit my play?
Nope! Mystic Guardians is not supported by an energy system and you can play for as long as you want without any artificial limits like energy or healing limits.
What is the difference between player level and Guardian levels?
Your player level is what level you are as a Guardian Trainer. Guardian levels are how powerful and experianeced an individual Guardian is. When you capture a new Guardian, it will start at your player level.
What is gold and what is it used for?
Gold is the basic currency in the land of Guardia. Use it to buy items from the general stores, like more capture discs or helpful potions.
What are Trainer Tokens and what are they used for?
Trainer Tokens are a currency used by Guardian Trainers and are accepted at the Guardian Center. Trainer Tokens are used to buy powerful items and upgrades for your Guardians as well as certain Rare Guardians.
How do I get Trainer Tokens?
Trainer Tokens can be earned by defeating Guardian Trainers you have not defeated yet. You can also sell your guardians for Trainer Tokens at the Guardian Center, find them in certain chests, or purchase them directly for your social networks premium currency. Finally, you get a small number of Trainer Tokens whenever you level up your player level.
What are collections?
Some characters in the game are looking for collections of items. Searching bushes and fighting wild Guardians will sometimes get you a collection item. When a collection is complete you can turn it in to the character and get a useful item.
Can I play this casual/part-time and still succeed?
Absolutely! Experience the story of Mystic Gaurdians at your own pace. Nobody becomes the greatest guardian trainer of all time overnight!
Can I keep my Guardians in my pocket?
No, that's ridiculous! They are not Pocket Guardians.
Guardians & Battle
How do I capture a Guardian?
To capture a guardian you need a capture disc. You can buy capture discs at the general store. When in battle first weaken the wild guardian by attacking it. Then click the capture button and select the capture disc. Some guardians are stronger than others and require that you weaken them more to be able to capture them.
What are the different Guardian stats, and what do they do?
Guardians have 6 basic stats:
Health - How much damage a guardian can take in battle.
Attack - How strong a guardians normal or physical attacks are.
Special Attack - How strong a guardians special or elemental attacks are.
Defense - Reduces damage taken by normal or physical attacks.
Special Defense - Reduces damage taken by special or elemental attacks.
Speed - Determines how fast a guardian can take an action. Used to determine who goes first in each battle round.
How do I level up my Guardians?
When you battle your guardians gain experiance points, XP. When they get enough they level up. Any guardian that is out duing a battle and isn't knocked out at the end of the battle gets experiance from that battle.
Do I have to assign my Guardian's stats manually?
When you Guardians level up they automatically gain stat points based on their type and strengths. You can assign one additional stat point per level for the cost of a Trainer Token. If you decide not to assign additional points right away, you can always assign them later from the My Guardians app in your tablet.
How do I level up a low level Guardian?
Set your low level guardian as the first member of your team. When the battle starts it will go first, switch to another stronger guardian and the low level guardian will get XP for taking part in the battle.
How do switch the guardians on my team?
Click the yellow arrows on the team display in the top left. Click the yellow arrows on the team screen to switch out that guardian with another.
How can I get more Guardian Slots?
You can buy additional Guardian Slots for trainer tokens at the Guardian Center in major cities. You are also given the opportunity to buy an additional slot for Trainer Tokens when you attempt to capture a Guardian but don't have enough slots.
Does Mystic Guardians have PvP?
Yes! Mystic Guardians allows you to battle random opponents in the PvP arena. The entrances to the PvP arena are located in the south-east corner of the Tangled Forest (just past where the crashed seed truck initially appears), or in the north-west corner of Vale. You must advance part of the way through the game before you can access PvP.
Are there limits to switching and item use in PvP?
Yes, players may only use up to 5 items and switch up to 5 times during a PvP battle. Any items you use in PvP battles will be consumed as if they were used normally.