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Mighty Mick quest
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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 1:57 PM
I still have this achievement to do. Nothing has appeared in the Commons, or town crier. I raised a ticket, wondering if I was simply being impatient. The Devs have replied saying I had to reveal the sports legend first, this was an oversight on their part and it will be changed for next year. Is anyone else in this position? Will I have to wait until next year to get the quest, or will I never be able to get it?
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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 2:14 PM
Raymond Jerome
it occurred for me without any fanfare or notification. yesterday at noon reset time, just before i did not have it, and just after i had it.
try simply talking to every event person, and the town crier. and did you do what was needed in that mysterious forest many days ago?
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Link to post - Posted Thursday at 12:17 AM
I now have the achievement without doing anything! Assume some sort of glitch since Devs said will change it for next year. Anyway, thanks for your help Raymond.
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