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Blingy Polished Golden Trinket
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Link to post - Posted February 11th at 6:02 AM
Does anyone remember where the Blingy Polished Golden Trinket comes from? It looks like a little gold shoe and it increases the odds of winning mana, as well as increases the max mana +23. I can't find it anywhere on the wiki, and I would add it if I knew where it came from.
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Link to post - Posted February 11th at 6:16 AM
not Raymond
probably a combine.
i think it gets superseded by the lustrous polished golden trinket.
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Link to post - Posted February 11th at 6:20 AM
I haven't done any combine trinkets, but I was thinking maybe it could have been crafted during an event, maybe???
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Link to post - Posted February 11th at 7:26 AM
not Raymond
do not think so.
do you have any trinket who's name partially has 'polished golden trinket' in its name?
if not a combine then a craft, through that farm stand guy. p.s. look through both combines and crafts there for shoe looking ones. mine is a shoe and as i said i think it came from the blingy one which probably comes from a dozen even smaller prior ones.
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Link to post - Posted February 11th at 8:25 AM
Last Edited February 11th at 8:43 AM
I just found my answer. It was a crafted trinket that we did as a Dog Days Quest in 2014, then it was upgraded during another Dog Days quest in 2015. (The name of the trinket changed with the upgrade). I don't know if there were any upgrades in 2016 and 2017. The current name of the Trinket is 'Blingy Polished Golden Trinket'. I usually have this equipped in one of my slots.

Create the Trinket

Upgrade the Trinket
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Link to post - Posted February 11th at 12:44 PM
not Raymond
it appears that at least one time beyond 2015 it gets upgraded again to the lustrous polished golden trinket that i mentioned earlier, my only shoe.
perhaps dog days 2016 but perhaps also dog days 2017 too, will check the JSON server data to see if there are other * polished golden trinkets
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Link to post - Posted February 11th at 12:52 PM
not Raymond
here is someone elses with an intermediate one
is person at rank 1001

by the way, mine is actually called lustrous polished golden sapphire trinket
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Link to post - Posted February 11th at 5:29 PM
not Raymond
i guess it's how one crafts it

shiny polished golden sapphire
shiny polished golden amber
shiny polished golden emerald

shiny glittering golden sapphire
shiny glittering golden amber
shiny glittering golden emerald

shiny polished silver sapphire
shiny polished silver amber
shiny polished silver emerald

shiny glittering silver sapphire
shiny glittering silver amber
shiny glittering silver emerald

shiny polished bronze sapphire
shiny polished bronze amber
shiny polished bronze emerald

shiny glittering bronze sapphire
shiny glittering bronze amber
shiny glittering bronze emerald

blingy polished golden sapphire
blingy polished golden amber
blingy polished golden emerald

blingy glittering golden sapphire
blingy glittering golden amber
blingy glittering golden emerald

blingy polished silver sapphire
blingy polished silver amber
blingy polished silver emerald

blingy glittering silver sapphire
blingy glittering silver amber
blingy glittering silver emerald

blingy polished bronze sapphire
blingy polished bronze amber
blingy polished bronze emerald

blingy glittering bronze sapphire
blingy glittering bronze amber
blingy glittering bronze emerald

lustrous polished golden sapphire
lustrous polished golden amber
lustrous polished golden emerald

lustrous glittering golden sapphire
lustrous glittering golden amber
lustrous glittering golden emerald

lustrous polished silver sapphire
lustrous polished silver amber
lustrous polished silver emerald

lustrous glittering silver sapphire
lustrous glittering silver amber
lustrous glittering silver emerald

lustrous polished bronze sapphire
lustrous polished bronze amber
lustrous polished bronze emerald

lustrous glittering bronze sapphire
lustrous glittering bronze amber
lustrous glittering bronze emerald
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Link to post - Posted February 12th at 5:10 PM
Wowza. Yes I do remember there were many options. Thanks for the research Raymond
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