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game achievements.
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Raymond Jerome
They are an important part of the game.
And they, for a matter of weeks to months after a release of a Nate or Kaine adventure, are wrong, not just for me but for anyone completing said adventures.
There are 20 Nates, that is correct. forest, mountain, desert, evergreen, swamp, ice, haunted, island, agrabush, jungle, mines, castle, underwater, volcano, mushroom, seasonal, clouds, infected, spine and high jungle.
There are 18 Kaines and that last one in most people who completed it is 'undone'.

the person i captured this from is supposed to have had it done

should be like this, mine, for perhaps thousands of top level players

the following, from profile, bugs me a lot and this thing occurs in many places there

in the sack version of achievements if there are more then 8 badges it does that and does not indicate that there are more, perhaps way more, badges. i.e. there are more then 8 nates as shown in one image above and not in other image above.

and if you are not going to show all categories on the right, then put a scroll bar there to show 'legacy' in a summary format
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