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Changes released October 24
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Link to post - Posted October 24th 2014 at 12:45 PM
Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
New Content:
ADDED: Hallowe'en 2014 Event and the Haunted Mansion Photo Contest! (Blog here!)

General Updates:
- Actually got rid of the erroneous 0% Puzzle Piece odds modifier this time.
- Issue where some energy regeneration trinkets could be erroneously equipped in normal trinket slots. Trinkets used in this way will be automatically unequipped.

Fungal Forest Updates:
- Issue where the Cursed Ring could not be crafted (Fixed Monday)
- Issue where the Flux chest was not awarding items or gold (Fixed Monday)
- Typo in the "Glasses for Glen" NPC's text.
- Typo in the "Mushroom Hat Crown for the Minion King" NPC's text.

Discuss these changes here!

*This thread will be updated with the latest bug fixes, as well as keeping a historical log. To keep the log clean, this thread will remain locked, but will link to a discussion thread with each new update that is made.*
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