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MATRIX-Evolution & Legendary Dragons.
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Link to post - Posted April 28th 2013 at 2:02 AM
Dri RobZan
When your Guardians reach level 45 or so,they can matrix-evolve into dragons (or some kind of creature) and have a massively strong signature type move...

FIRE:Heat Blast.
WATER:Hydro Ray.
GRASS:Gaia Storm.
ROCK:Mythril Fury.

***The 6 great dragons that ruled the land of the guardians***

Zephrox:The wind dragon ruler.
Magmagonx:The fire dragon ruler.
Hydrorus:The water dragon ruler.
Naturon:The nature dragon ruler.
Diamondrux:The rock dragon ruler.
Venomxus:The poison dragon ruler.

All of these 6 dragons have the moves:Dragon Fury,Reckless Strike.

Magmagonx level 45:Heat Blast,Firestorm,Dragon Fury,Reckless Strike.

Zephrox level 45:Tri-Cyclone,Air Blade,Dragon Fury.Reckless Strike.

Hydrorus:Dunk Tank,Hydro Ray,Reckless Strike,Dragon Fury.

Naturon:Razor Storm,Gaia Storm,Dragon Fury,Reckless Strike.

Diamondrux:Mythril Fury,Dragon Fury,Reckless Strike,Avalanche.

Venomxus:Deathly Needle,V-Scissor,Reckless Strike,Avalanche.

----------------------The Balance Dragon (The Ancient dragonlord)--------------------*

Ancient Dragon Lord LVL:50.

Super Dragon Fury,Reckless Strike 2,Shadow Flare,Oblivion Blast,Black Hole,Judgement.

Location:Cave Of Ancient.

Magmagonx Location:Magma Cave.
Zephrox Location:Mountain Peak.
Hydrorus:Underwater Cave.
Naturon:Deep Forest.
Diamondrux:Deep Underground.
Venomxus:Jungle Of Doom.

Lvl 8 Trainer
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Link to post - Posted April 29th 2013 at 7:17 AM
Leo Slazer
That Is So Good Idea
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