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Scaling Concerns and Trainer Level
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Link to post - Posted April 5th 2013 at 2:14 PM
Andrew James
The following is a quote from :
"Guardians that you train will always be stronger than wild guardians of the same level. For the same reason, guardians you catch and train at an earlier level will be stronger than ones you caught at a higher level."
For this reason, when I played Pokemon I always made a point of capturing all of my creatures at the lowest level I could so they could get the full benefit of training. In this game however, the trainer level dictates the minimum and maximum level of each new guardian that's added to your party. While I appreciate that the trainer level is a great game mechanic to prevent players from simply capturing exceedingly high level Guardians and skipping the leveling process it also prevents players from voluntarily taking full advantage of the training mechanic.

Example: If I'm trainer level 20 and I capture a level 4 Feng, it immediately becomes level 20, but unless I'm mistaken, it will be weaker than a Feng I caught when I was trainer level 2 and gradually raised 18 levels through fighting.

This may seem like a minor point, and most players may never notice or care, but it bothers me that each time I gain a trainer level I am actually limiting the potential of my future guardians.

While I understand that most high-level players probably enjoy having their low level guardians automatically leveled up for them I think it would be more appropriate for the trainer level to be a maximum level of new guardians but NOT a minimum.
Lvl 4 Trainer
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Link to post - Posted May 2nd 2013 at 6:16 AM
Mj Maca
Yeah you are right,making guardians exceed a level when you want to evolve it.
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