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The Codename Games Desktop Launcher is here!
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 10:17 AM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)

The Desktop Launcher is here!

If you play on Codename Games, you can download this version of Bush Whacker 2 and give it a shot!

Read the blog for more details.
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 11:14 AM
Theresa Van Elsen
I am playing the game using a Chromebook. Will there be an installer for those of us that do not use a Mac or PC? I only see these 2 options when I read the blog.
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 3:44 PM
Russel Denton
so when will facebook players get their downloadable version of the game ?
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 3:57 PM
Hi Nick. I just downloaded the game and everything is in my game nothing missing so far all is working great. The only thing I can't see is a link to the forum is that going to be the norm or am I missing it ?
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 4:26 PM
Last Edited May 28th at 4:36 PM
Hi again , noticed we can't text in colour . Is there a way of reloading as it doesn't seem to be anywhere ? Or do we really have to log in and out every time ?
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 4:37 PM
Theresa a council member in CNE chat said it will not be on Chromebook :(
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 5:15 PM
Theresa Van Elsen
I that is true... Then I will be a sad player once flash is gone because I have no other way of playing the game.😕
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 6:02 PM
You can still play online for awhile but it is sad as only the chat works on Chromebook atm .Sorry that it is happening .
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Link to post - Posted May 28th at 6:51 PM
My security Bitdefender, blocks the game in the launcher ,for ransomeware
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Link to post - Posted May 29th at 4:51 AM
I am playing on a Mac and desktop launcher works but I have to go into security and privacy setting to allow game to be opened every time I reboot my Mac. If I leave the Mac on all of the time, the game seems to load fine without having to go into security settings. Is this the way it will always be? It seems that Apple hasn't identified the developers? Also, I have to reset the window size each time-is that the game or some setting that I need to change? I miss the forum link also as Bota mentioned above.
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Link to post - Posted May 29th at 6:50 AM
If we try this download version, and have problems, can we go back to the online version for awhile? Or are the two versions separate? i.e. can we play in both places? Thanks!
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Link to post - Posted May 29th at 9:57 AM
Hi Nick. I also downloaded the desktop launcher. Everything seems fine except for the toolbars that normally appear at the top of the screen. The one in the middle with the Play Now, Forum, Help Me and FAQ tabs. And the one on the top right side with the BW2 (playnow), Notifications (messages and friend requests) and the welcome (players name) tab, which leads to my account and logout. Our messages will pop up when we log in or we can click on the oink button to get to them. However, this does not included any friend requests we have received. We have to click on that notifications tab to see them and mine is not there. You may already know this but just wanted to say something in case it was just mine not working.
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Link to post - Posted May 29th at 11:28 AM
i dwn loaded it and it put me right to the very start of the game,lost everything,no pets,trinkets etc.etc plus we will lose the djarts tokens too
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Link to post - Posted May 29th at 8:30 PM
CNE version only Buck. No djarts tokens on the cne version so you just created a new account on CNE. Your FB account is still active on Facebook.
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Link to post - Posted May 30th at 2:26 AM
I did use cne version and i had to create a new account using same credentials as fb
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Link to post - Posted May 30th at 7:34 PM
Chat room seems to be broken. Works on chat room 2, but chat room 1 and web version seem to be frozen.
Can cross to FB and chat as well.
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Link to post - Posted May 31st at 4:12 AM
Just a real quick heads up, I downloaded the launcher and it downloaded and installed quite fine, I was welcomed with a "Request failed, failed to contact server" before even doing anything in-game, and right after that message, I was told that "You cannot claim a prize for this Holiday" right after that, I'm there to explore some-things and I find out that the music and sound isn't by default turned on, and turning on the music makes it loop for the starting of it's 3 seconds. I also notice the white little blocks instead of the NPCs/Objects displaying which means that they aren't loaded, and it has been more than 10 minutes here waiting for them to load.
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Link to post - Posted May 31st at 12:16 PM
Downloaded, installed, & running. So far, so good. I haven't run into any issues so far. :D

Nice work, Devs! And many thanks for getting it up and running!
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Russel Denton
hello fellow Bushwhackians

while i know the CNE desktop version was just recently released, and i know it may have a few bugs and improvements but listed below is some adjustments/improvements that i have noticed which should/need to be they are

1- there is nowhere for us to look at forums, can we have tab where we look at forums please

2- i noticed a few players on the desktop version are complaining about the colour scheme of chat, it is currently black background with blue writing for yourself and white for other players, now some players that i have spoken to have vision issues/ailments and they would like the colour scheme changed, maybe like it was on CNE, which was white background with black writing or something easier for those with vision ailments/issues

3- as we all know on CNE and Facebook we can do this thing with orange writing
(which is fun to be honest), can we have implemented on the desktop version please

happy to hear folks thoughts

From Russel Denton a.k.a Ghostrider007 (On CNE)
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Link to post - Posted June 2nd at 3:13 AM
2- the black background in chat suits my vision issues better than a white one. Late nights hurts the eyes less with a darker scheme. I personally wish the other were the same as the desktop version. Or configurable to personal tastes.