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It's the Patriot Event, 2018!
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Link to post - Posted July 3rd at 8:19 AM
not Raymond
when one day passed and it turned out to not be a multi day thing, then another day as further proof, it was certainly a bug that they would fix when they got back from their long weekend and fixed several days before the event ends. no mystery. no need for the hysteria that chat exhibited.
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Link to post - Posted July 3rd at 9:01 AM
Rebecca Beattie
Chatting is good and I heard no hysteria.. just information exchange. Some of us like to talk more than others even on a message board.

Personally I wouldn't have gotten the energy pack and the plate of what ever.. if others hadn't posted... so I am glad for those posts that Raymond characterized as hysteria.. And Raymond, you are such a good source of information I wish you could see the good in other peoples styles of posting. I feel sad for you. Your posts just seem like you are unhappy... Wishing you well.

To all who post here, you rock... thank you
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Link to post - Posted July 3rd at 9:42 AM
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Barbara Tompkins

Yeah we peeps like to exchange views/info/helpful ideas for BW2 ppl...

GOOD COMMENT and thank you FOR being so insightful.
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Link to post - Posted July 3rd at 12:15 PM
Hi folks so glad that they sorted the campsite glitch. :) was wondering if anyone else still hasn't managed to whack up (not buy) a steak like me
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Link to post - Posted July 3rd at 12:21 PM
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Barbara Tompkins

Oh wow ss ..I am sure you will get a steak soon keep whacking and gl :)

I have had 7 steaks and 4 purple fireworks.(lucky I guess)..
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Link to post - Posted July 3rd at 4:05 PM
Rein ... The steaks are rare, but I have whacked up a few (haven't counted how many). Keep whacking, and if you don't hit it, you can always buy it (only if you want the achievement)
Post by Brandy Grote deleted July 3rd at 11:54 PM
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Link to post - Posted July 4th at 4:32 AM
thank you Barbara and Flybaby. This is most unusual for me not to have whacked up a steak by now my plan is to whack till early Friday morning and then buy one with my last few token. I just find it so odd
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Link to post - Posted July 4th at 7:07 PM
well I've got steaks and purple fireworks, but still have not got the 6th firework and don't know what I'm missing. Did the quest to make a bigger boom near the beginning, and a couple of Fiona quests .. blog says: The 6th firework for the quest is the one you help an NPC build later in the event.
Has this happened yet? What's an NPC? How later in the event?
Less than 2 days left and thinking I should put in a ticket? Don't know ... still missing that one large energy pack =(
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Link to post - Posted July 4th at 8:23 PM
not Raymond
it happened, it is the guy with the fireworks. perhaps you have to ask him about all those components
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Link to post - Posted July 5th at 9:15 AM
Last Edited July 5th at 9:19 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
@jaz1551: All event quests were unlocked as of Monday July 2.

If you have had purple fireworks launched, as well as done the quest to make the Huge Firework for the crazy guy with the Beaver hat under the Canada arch, then you should have the achievement.

Have you actually launched all your fireworks? The achievement is for launching, not just collecting.

If you have, please put in a support ticket using the Help button on the edge of the game window and the developer will look into it for you.
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