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Is there any point posting in this forum...!?

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Link to post - Posted February 14th 2018 at 1:43 PM
Are you autistic? I'm not asking to be condescending or rude. I'm curious. You take every single word that is said so excessively, intensely literal with no apparent ability to read between the lines and infer meaning behind those words that I have to wonder if you have some kind of impairment. Again, not to be rude. I'm asking because if I know that's the case, I can temper how I word things to come across more clearly.

Why the switch back to "glass half empty"? Well, let me answer that by posing a challenge to you. Go look through your posts again. All of them. Point out a single, solitary instance where you agreed did not outright counter-argue someone. ANY case where your reply to someone was not taking a contrary side, and where. "Yes, but" statements do not count since they are agreeing, then immediately counter-arguing, and this statement about adding in a "thank you" to me does not count, either, due to not actually being in the post and only being mentioned after-the-fact.

You seem to focus so much on HOW you're saying something and not WHAT you're saying. HOW you're saying things is technically appropriate, but WHAT you're saying has been nothing but contradiction and "Actually, I know better" statements.

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Link to post - Posted February 14th 2018 at 7:10 PM
> Point out a single, solitary instance where you agreed did not outright counter-argue someone.

It's hard to agree with somebody in the first post of a thread. And yes sure, my second post was about me very much not agreeing with Erika. However, the very first bit of my third post:

> Most forums disallow the creation of duplicate threads, especially when the original has been locked.
> However, I just checked and you are right, the rules for this forum have no such limitation. Good point!

Apart from that "challenge", in for instance I'm not agreeing, but neither am I disagreeing; the entire post is just a clarification of my point of view.


But let's try to get this back on-topic. We're now twenty posts in and, as far as I can tell, we're no closer to a way for providing feature requests and/or suggestions which works for both players and devs. Do you maybe have any suggestions to make?


Let's repeat this bit too; now that we've moved to a new page it's hidden even more than by our discussion.

If any dev happens to see this; I would still very much appreciate if you could share your views on a post earlier in this thread:

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Link to post - Posted February 15th 2018 at 1:39 PM
RvW, the devs do look at the forums (Or i'm just a narc) but they did use my challenge idea for "Blast to the past" (Look at the weekly challenge idea forum).
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