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Here until the bitter(sweet) end!
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I am sorry to see there will be no more updates, I have been with the game since testing & I plan on staying with it. This game is the best I have played recently & hate to see it go no further. I am staying with my guild & hope alot of players stay also. Please reconsider the updating of this game, It is AWESOME !!!

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I find it very telling that the Developers have not responded to this thread in the 7 days it's been up and active.

Please rethink your definition of AWESOME, some of you. Sprinkled aspects of RPG action with town building aspects does NOT make AWESOME.

For most of you, it's a chat room. Find another game to hang out in, to give hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money, and actually experience some deep lore, fantastic writing, balanced gameplay.

Regardless of what game you choose, as long as you're with people you like, it's going to be fun.

Those that stay til the bitter end (tho why you're staying when it turns bitter is beyond me), will just be chatting and not gaming. You can do that anywhere, for free.

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Any Developers out there? Hello?



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You can find them actively answering questions on the Crusaders of the Lost Idols Forum. If you haven't tried it it's a pointless click game. They have totally abandon their loyal fans. Maybe a social media frenzy via Twitter or Facebook page is approriate?

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I'm just poking the bear here, mostly. This is the relevant thread/topic people are talking on, so keeping it here. They know this thread exists and get updates on it, just like I did when you responded.

Idle games are pure easy money, repeating the same content over and over, with a few variable changes each time. Less work, more revenue per hour coded.

I'm curious if there is something deeper here. Like they're kicking out as many games as they can to grow and secure funding to move into bigger games, or be attractive to a big shark and get scooped up for a nice payday.

Can't fault them too much. THey made a game, and said "go play in it". No law says they have to sit there with us while we do, right? Just would be nice to get a hug after we cried tho :(

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Thanks for poking said bear. It would be nice to get a hug.... we've certainly put our share of time and emotional investment (not to mention the monetary investments of many) into this game. At least a thanks for the offers to help would be nice.

All, and especially the devs,

The idle game in question, above, is basically BW graphics in a no-brainer, no-effort user game interface. It probably was hugely easy development, compared to SOT, or even to BW itself. I'm sure it brings in the easy money. But not mine. I looked it long enough to yawn hugely, and deleted it within a week (when I had time to go back to the app edit location and delete it). I didn't even go back to see what I had accomplished in all that idle time. Like I cared.

For me, a game is at least as much about the social interactions I have with my fellow players as it is about what the game is. I grew up playing board and card games. Chess, checkers, rummy, war, Monopoly, Risk, Clue, Acquire, Pit, Uno, Phase 10, Ticket to Ride -- it didn't really matter so much which game my friends and family and I played together, but that we were playing a game *together* -- and the conversations we had built the relationships I hold dear today. That's why I stuck around SOT--because of all of YOU. I got bored with the game the first week of alpha. I'd finished the content. Grinding to get stronger? Why? Had I not met people I enjoyed spending time with, I would never have made it to this point. While I know many people who are just about the game, that's not me, and I suspect that isn't the people who are still here after so many frustrations with lack of updates and lagged and dc'd connections. Why put up with a game like that when there are better ones out there? It HAS to be the relationships.

So, devs, what will you offer us? A place for the community to continue? A dying game isn't much incentive for a continued community. It would be like playing Monopoly long past the point of one player owning all the property by just giving all the other players loans. After all, we must like playing games at least a little or we would never have started this one. When we've all reached max level, we can sit around and stare at each other? How many times will we run T6 *everything* before it becomes pointless? Couldn't you even consider a delayed update schedule (Once a year is better than nothing. Repeating already written events is better than nothing--particularly for players who started after they were originally run)?

Or, must we find a place to move our community to? I've been in other online environments where a place closed and the community had to move on. That's a hard thing to ask of people who have been your staunch supporters from virtually day one. But, those relationships PERSISTED. I have friends who I have never met f2f but I know their lives, and they know mine, because of that relationship thing. This has never been "just a game" -- it has been a place where we developed friendships in a game environment. I hope those friendships will persist beyond whatever happens to SOT, even if I have to go find another game (or other environment) in which I can continue to interact with my community. Because all of you have become "my" community. My friends. So, to you, I say thank you, and I will offer a hug, even if the devs don't.

El Marie (and Melisande and EllIounn and Ingvald Sdottir and Idunnr and Allyson and Pellias and Ryley and Die Blysku)
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Kudos to El and her above post... It just seems for all the support that's been given to CNE, you'd think there'd be a little more appreciation in return. There are many who have spent a lot of money on this game, but that just doesn't seem to matter... It's like when Bill Gates said "DOS is dead", poof... it was.


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Dear devs

Thank you for a great game. Ive played many of your other games but when i found this game i stopped playing all other games and have not looked back. Ive found friends and "family" in this game. Sure we may fight from time to time and you cant get along with everybody but we are "family" in SoT. It toke me some time to find my "home" but in my current guild im very active and chat and do runs with all my friends. I dont plan to go anywhere and hope that you will keep the game going like bw1 where you keep running events eventhough the game is dead. I hope the january opdate has a few fixed in it like the unbreakable breakables in jungle mps and some sps - if you need at list of what runs they are in im happy to help. I hope you consider making vip the norm - ie free for all if you choose to not continue with the game. And could you stop making it cost 1000 gold to sent a massage to someone ofline - we want to talk to our freind even when they are not here ;) Also it would be nice when in sp or mp to be able to see your mana-bar out of a battle to know if build is needed. And it would be nice to when clicking on a player in chat to get the pm option there too and to be able to pm from lobby to ask "in person" if someone can join your run. And everybody talks about a way to turn of a skill in battle without changing to another skill to do auto. And can the cards in the end of t'ed forest,desert or jungle mps so they give lvl 50 stuff and not lvl 15,25,35,40,45 - thats a little dumb, you have to be lvl 50 to do it tired yet you only get lvl 15 gear :(

If any of these things are easy to fix/do please consider it for the january update, we would be very grateful. Oh yes and can the circles in robot bounty be fixed so they work like in all other mps - ie 10 sec wait to pull you in.

- T (Thania/Tiffania/Trisania)

Btw. I think its really great how you made each type of charecter different yet great in each there way. Rangers have extra speed, wizards stop damage and warriors hit really hard even my little weak one :D

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Ya know, this would have gone a whole lot better if they'd have said...

Hey all, great run! We've gone to the end of the development cycle for SoT! Our storyline culminates with the January update. Thank you so much for being a part of our story and helping make SoT the amazing game that it is!

But I think "we aren't making enough money, so too bad so sad" is better :)

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I have a few choice words and it ain't "Happy Birthday"! :P

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Feeling ignored "starts" to get annoying...

I am no dev but with a little introduction I would be well able to take over some 1st level support :D And I'm pretty sure there would be enough ppl in the game for some 2nd level too. With the dedication I saw at some players ... just give the game to us :)