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silver chests
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I think it would be a terrible idea. Silver chests are much more valuable than jeweled chests, at least on a 100-to-1 basis (but even 10-1). After a little while, you already have all the epic gear that can drop from jeweled chests, and more warps that you will likely ever need, so there's nothing useful that drops from them except the odd legendary catalyst. Silver chests will give you more materials, and those are really, REALLY important.
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Legendary catalysts are worth less than materials, imho. Once you have all your useful crusaders in full legendary gear, they don't matter a lot, while materials let you upgrade your gear, and that is ALWAYS useful. If I were you, I'd open those 4000 chests right away, and use the resulting materials to upgrade some gear... in general, every upgrade more or less doubles your DPS, so even when you have everything al lvl 8-9, and the cost becomes high, it is STILL worth it to upgrade gear instead than getting legendary catalysts, which you have no need for anyway.

Oh, I'm at 2.85B idols, by the way, so pretty far into the game. Legendaries are less of a goal for me than getting every talent maxed. And to get talents, you need idols, and increasing your DPS gives you more of those.

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6.5B idols here, so I'll throw in my two cents.

"Just in case you need some legendary catalyst." If you need catalysts, just wait. Missions to reward them come around pretty often, and during events, if you stick to event free plays, 1 out of every 4 event chests you get is guaranteed to be a jeweled event chest. That, plus the jeweled chests you get by chance just by playing the game normally, you should be fine on catalysts without needing to sacrifice chests.

"But once you get your legendaries to a certain lvl. The costs become so ridiculous that no amount of silver chest can compensate." How is converting to jeweled chests going to fix that? In terms of material rewards, jeweled chest are only barely better than silver chests. 1 jeweled chest is approximately 1.5 silver chests in terms of materials. Giving up 100 silvers for 1 jeweled would be like just opening 2 silver chests.

"Also, I don't know about you but I personly would like to have all the legendary gear there is. Which is the only thing left for me to do until the next time they bring out something new." I *HAVE* all the legendary gear for every crusader in the game. It isn't about hoarding catalysts, it's about pacing yourself. Make maybe 3 a week, then let the cost reset. If you try making, like, 6 a week, then of course you'll bleed your catalysts dry. Be patient and you'll never run out of catalysts. Hell, most high-tier players have been complaining about having TOO MANY catalysts. Ever since the introduction of legendaries, I've never dipped below 100 catalysts after reaching that amount.

Lastly, dude, friend, brother, you've got four-THOUSAND silver chests. Each set of 100 tends to average around 300 commons, 75 uncommons, and 10 rares. Multiply those by 40 and that's approximately 12,000 commons, 3000 uncommons, and 400 rares you're sitting on while whining that you don't have enough to level up your legendaries. You could level a single legendary up to 7 with that much...

1 -> 50rare -> 2

2 -> 100rare -> 3

3 -> 200rare -> 4

4 -> 800uncommon -> 5

5 -> 1600uncommon -> 6

6 -> 8000common -> 7

or do steps 1-6, disenchant to get 7,750 commons back and then use 50 rares, then 500 commons, then 400 uncommons to level it up to 4, disenchant to get 1,750 commons back, have a net gain of 9000 commons, plus your original 12,000 for 21,000 commons, and use that big boy to level an 8 to a 9 with 5000 commons in change.
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Well, I thought you were interested in a serious discussion. Evidently, I was mistaken, my bad. I'll try to remember to not answer you in the future.

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not Raymond
if we aew going to entertain non serious things, then how about destroying the balance in the game.

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"I normally don't keep track of my suggested post so don't expect me to reply to anything else you write." - NeonAnubis

I considered that a big red flag, anyway. Not that I really wanted to be right about that.

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sorry your replies were just so funny i had to exspress it and a simple LOL just wouldn't do it justice.
also sorry for posting such a bad idea that absolutly nobody would benefit from it.
nobody but myself that is.

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Not even yourself. You THINK you would benefit from it, but you're clearly bad at this game, and that suggestion would hurt you, if implemented, not help you. The fact that you're hoarding silver chests instead of using them to level up your gear, which makes a real difference in this game, proves it.

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Neon, your logic is entirely flawed. Like Teschio said, you only think you'll benefit. You won't, actually. It's like asserting that giving someone $10 to get back $1 in return profits YOU in some way.
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