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How to complete the Thurnoose achievement?

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Link to post - Posted April 25th at 3:50 AM
Since you have to fill the orbs and kill another 200 mobs before Snap triggers, I waited to buy the Snap upgrade. I killed the mobs then removed dps and support until I had 50+ mobs stacked up, and then bought Snap. It killed 2. When I tried it again, it didn't kill any. So what's the trick to complete this?

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Link to post - Posted April 25th at 12:46 PM
I used Thornoose, The Gryphon (increased health), Momma Kaine (healer), and Chiyome. I went as far as Chiyome would get me. I removed her from the formation. I went back to level one (shift + click right arrow) and loaded Thornoose with 199 kills. I went back to the highest level and waited until 51+ enemies were on screen. I then started increasing Thornose 25 levels at a time until he killed one. Then the snap effect took over and the achievement was done!

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Link to post - Posted April 26th at 6:35 PM
Worked a treat. Thanks!
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