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Link to post - Posted April 18th at 10:03 PM
What's the consensus on Snap? It doesn't seem worth it to me, but maybe I'm just not getting it. Is it better to just not purchase Snap so your gems don't drain? It only seems to trigger at less than opportune times, and even then it saves maybe 10 seconds most of the time.

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Link to post - Posted April 19th at 11:03 AM
Unless there is some mechanic I'm not aware of, I agree. One instant-clear area out of every, maybe, 20? I can deal with the fluctuating DPS (kinda) but that speed ability is kinda...not good. Interesting in concept, pales in execution. The only time I can think that would be even a little useful is when tanking to push areas, but even then, that requires killing monsters to activate, and if you're tanking, you're not killing enough monsters to actually trigger the effect, and if you do, that' area. Woo. You're not gonna get another trigger after that.

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Link to post - Posted April 20th at 3:49 AM
Last Edited April 20th at 3:50 AM
To add to what Animenut said:

I can see some very niche uses where Snap might be "useful".

1) Combine him with Firebombing for some occassional freebies or something *shrugs*

2) And/or use him with a Karen+Fire Phoenix combo to (very slowly) get past any area by constantly going back and refueling his gems on easier areas first (basicly, a no-warpcard-costing but uber-slow and semi-RNG-based Firebombing). Unless pushing an area in specific missions or w/e, it'd probably not be worth the time.

In other words, it's not very good.
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