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Rubies worth it? (Question for devs)

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Link to post - Posted April 10th at 9:01 PM
I had heard that at some point the red rubies were going to have an alternate use. With the recent release, the rubies from doing these tier-3 challenges are stocking up FAST, so I just wanted to check in on the development of that "alternate use." I know that plans are not always set in stone, and any answer I might get is not something to bank on. All I would like to know is some rooouuuugh approximation of how long it will be until that alternate use is released. More in the realm of "Better start saving up rubies now" or "Go ahead and spend them now, you'll be fine"? Better to know early because if it takes a while and I end up unloading like 5000+ rubies 100 at a time...

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Link to post - Posted April 11th at 1:49 AM
They have said they are working on something in the Q&As on reddit. There might be something coming soon. Erika said to save about 1k rubies for it.

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Link to post - Posted April 11th at 8:32 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
We've been saying hoard your rubies for over a month now, in case players want to splurge on the feature when it's released.

But Vin is right. You'll probably only need around 1000 to participate in the release, and then you can decide if you want to hoard more after that.

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Link to post - Posted April 11th at 12:14 PM
Last Edited April 11th at 12:15 PM
I don't follow the Q&As and don't even have a Reddit. If it isn't said in these forums, I don't see it. Good to know, though. Sorry for the bother.
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