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some problems

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Link to post - Posted April 3rd at 12:54 AM
Hi all.

Since maybe 14 Days, i got some problems and hope they will fix soon...

1. That the level up Button not work. Or sometime, but sometimes not.

2. If that level all button work, game freeze and it need up to 30 secounds until all is level up and game is running. Bevor that it just need a few Ssecounds.

3. This game crash faster then bevor. i watch the game in the Task manager. It grow up to 1.6gb and freeze or crash. if i do a run with only one Crusader everythink if fine. But the more Crusaders i use, the fast this game grwo and crash. I think, if i can disable all animations, that this reduce the problem. Is there an optino to deactivate the moving animation?

4. Sprint mode. It works until arround 14 Days ago. Now, the time is up bevore the Boss spawns. I kill everything instant but im still not fast enough. How can i get the Talent-points back from this useless Talent without reset all Talents?

5. Event-chest window freeze sometimes, sometimes not. Dont know why. i buy 7 chests and need to restart the game 2 times. :(


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Link to post - Posted April 3rd at 8:59 AM
forget to say..

6. Starting the game need a long time. Most time i got a message "something isn´t working ..."

And i´m pretty sure this is not my problem. I play other games without any problems. (Browsergames, GTA 5, Exile...) And only Steamclient made an update a few days ago. Others i dont update in that time.

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Everything about what you written, works pretty well for me.

Try to write ticket in support.
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