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Comment popups, can they be turned off?

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Link to post - Posted March 31st at 5:23 PM
Last Edited March 31st at 5:53 PM
Hi, just noticed the new 'feature' of having the crusaders say things when events happen like using abilities or if a crusader dies. Since I'm currently recruiting Biff, my crusaders are dying every 10 seconds and the constant popups are distracting and actually quite irritating. As I assume some people might find them endearing I don't want them removed, but is there a way I can turn them off, in the same way you can stop animations, notifications and the like?

Edit: sorry had to edit, it's not just for activities, it's a constant stream of comments most having nothing to do with what is actually happening, and some from crusaders who aren't even in the active formation. Please can I turn this off?

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Link to post - Posted April 1st at 12:45 AM
Its April Fools, will be gone by tomorrow.
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