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carrotastrophe help

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Link to post - Posted March 31st at 11:45 AM
I am stuck on this task - only have 10/20 and have been stuck here for 2 days - any formation help please

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Link to post - Posted March 31st at 2:03 PM
Last Edited March 31st at 2:04 PM
I just used my normal speed formation at the end of my run, put in Biff + gryph and waited. Don't know why this achievement would be an issue.

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Link to post - Posted March 31st at 5:18 PM
Use any formation and keep going for however long in any chapter. After a while, go back to maybe area 10 or whatever, remove all crusaders, and level up Bush Whacker for health. Put him in front, level up Biff to get all his stuff, place Dark Gryphon behind Whacker, and start testing around to see which area having Biff in your party allows him to *SLOWLY* damage enemies. Once you find an area where he can minimally harm enemies, take him out and wait, like, a minute or so. Let loooooooooots of enemies pile up on Bush Whacker, and when there's a huge crowd (say, 25+), put Biff in your party and his carrot should kill them all within a few seconds.

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Link to post - Posted April 1st at 7:43 AM
I figure the easiest way is to wait for a stage where you're killing the enemies in ~1 sec, remove your dps crusader, and wait for the enemies to build up on your tank line. Then put the dps crusader back and the next carrot should kill every enemy (before the dpser does it for you).
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