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Teir 3, grond. Crucader glitches.

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Hello, Working on the tier 3 Grond mission, and running into an inconvenient glitch.

Upon loading into the game; both in the steam version and on Kongregate, I'm presented with this screen.

I can not interact with/move my crusaders. When I click on a crusader in the menu below, that crusader appears in the top left of the screen, as shown in this screenshot.

"Loading" a formation layout, seems to cause the game to interact more normally. I can interact with my crusaders; however, the slots that shown invisible in the screenshots above, remain invisible. Once I move a crusader into that slot, that slot displays the character's sprite properly. Unfortunately, only for a time.

Switching level, loading a saved formation, or "recruiting" a character into an empty space will cause those slots to become invisible again.

My account is Jinotad

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Link to post - Posted March 22nd at 8:10 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
There is currently an issue with being on any tier of the Grond objectives.

It's on our fix list to address as soon as possible.

You can either try to finish the objective with invisible Crusaders or reset off it until the issue is fixed.
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