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DPS glitch...?

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Link to post - Posted March 19th at 6:38 PM
Last Edited March 20th at 9:55 AM
Animenut This shows me at area 1599. Previously, 1585 was the are limit, as the boss had infinite health. However, somehow, my team beat that boss, progressed further, and the game had completely frozen in the middle of area 1899. After refreshing the game, I could still go to area 1599, but everything returned to normal with everything from 1585 and farther being invulnerable. I wasn't watching when it happened, so I'm not sure what cause the unkillable to be killed. I'm not sure if it was a DPS glitch, an enemy health glitch, or whatever else, but figured this was worth mentioning.

P.S. The DPS cap has changed, and before I refreshed, my gold actually said "Infinity".

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Link to post - Posted March 19th at 10:13 PM
You mean area 1599, this is happened with me too.

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Link to post - Posted March 20th at 9:56 AM
Thanks, not sure how I kept messing the number up. Edited it for clarity.
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