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Unkillable enemies in Water Guns of Doom

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Link to post - Posted March 19th at 10:52 AM
The Soakerbots that appear are obviously supposed to block regular enemies, but not other Soakerbots. As I was starting this campaign yesterday, that's how it worked at least.

Today, when I continued the campaign the Soakerbots now protect one another, so if 2 Soakerbots (or more) appear before the first one is killed, you can't kill ANYTHING, requiring you to go back one area, and then forward again.

The latter case has got to be an unintended bug, right?

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Link to post - Posted March 19th at 1:20 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Thanks for the report.

The Soakerbots shouldn't be shielding each other. I've added it to the fix list to look into.
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