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quality of life game improvements for bw2.
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Link to post - Posted February 11th 2018 at 7:09 AM
not Raymond
some because of eyesight and colorblindness issues.
some for consistency.
some just because.
many asked for nearly 2000 days ago and told were on your list or even to be implemented on next update.
some asked by others just the other day.
all have nearly no programming needed or very minimal and totally unlikely to introduce unrelated bugs because same or similar code already exists in other places.

ranch and golf area store has item 'categories', nice, but no filter (read on).
ranch and golf inventory/storage has 'filter' to spell part of an items name, nice, but no categories.
both should have both as there are uses/needs for both. and there should be more categories, pets, mounts, golf among perhaps some others. and perhaps sort categories too in addition to item categories, i.e. things like sellable, not sellable...

all items in store and inventory/storage have names but only visible upon mousing over (read on). and it might be nice to be able to see a placed items name upon mousing over (on ones own ranch and golf and when visiting a friends ranch and golf) but as a feature to be enabled/disabled as one does not want to see names all the time.
mouse over identification of things in store or inventory are nice but when presented with 30 pages of 18 items and trying to find one specific something who's name you do not know is very frustrating.

might be nice to have an area progress-like overview of the huge golf area

sack inventory displays names of all items at all times, not just when moused over.
except when one goes to try to equip something, then it's the frustrating find this one thing among hundreds of other things.
the 'filter' ability there is nice and a step in the right direction. such a filter does not exist at all when trying to pagas release a pet (read below).

a pagas-like interface to show quantities of mounts and even mounts one does not have but could conceivably buy at some time would be nice.

pagas totally inconsistent. pet augment mouse over identifies dna costs of things but list of dna you possess are all unidentified. not so for dna trade or eggs for sale, they are identified there. order of dna possessed in eggs for sale is totally retarded, why? this similar thing occurs in at least one event where something costs some of event tokens and some of event turn-in items, listed in 2 different orders.

it is impossible to find one single specific pet that i want to release through pagas. not impossible but takes a dozen minutes to search through hundreds. no filter, no categories, no names displayed on screen of a dozen at a time, only singaly with a mouse over on each and every one. code for all these different life improvements exist because all these improvements are used here and there in different places. i guess i am asking for consistency and perhaps to use all of these in all places where they can and should be used.
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Link to post - Posted February 13th 2018 at 1:01 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
Hi Raymond,

Thanks for posting!

As you've said, we have heard these before and we would certainly like to add some of them to the game.

We currently feel the next content update is our highest priority, but we do plan on doing some Quality of Life updates soon.

We thank you for the kind reminder :)

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Link to post - Posted February 13th 2018 at 2:36 PM
not Raymond
thank you.
i mostly listed these here for others to confirm that these things annoy them too, LOL.
at least consider doing something to make pagas a little better. I have 70 gen 7 pets I want to release but do not want to spend half a day doing it. an actual half a day is what it will t ake to equip pet x, level up pet x with a treat, release pet x, lather rinse repeat 69 more times.
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Link to post - Posted March 1st at 8:56 PM
not Raymond
one place where part of this is needed is apparent in another players current post.
in particular trying to equip a sword with specific of hundreds of runes.
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