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event achievements outside of events

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Link to post - Posted January 23rd at 5:54 PM
in one of the recent weekly challenges i got the achievement for katie the cupid for maxing out her gold find ability. can you make it so we can see event achievements we haven't earned yet in the achievement tab? so far with these weekly challenges, we've only been able to use certain crusaders and if the trend keeps continuing like this, it would be a good opportunity to get achievements for event crusaders. may/may not want to include the achievements for reaching area 900 in event free plays or spending x amount of event currency.

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Link to post - Posted January 24th at 3:58 AM
Yeah that will be helpful!

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Link to post - Posted January 24th at 4:38 AM
not Raymond
one can research all event achievements from the wiki.
if they display in game then they would have to only display those that one can do, some can only be done in its events objectives, and of course all require having crusader A and/or B from its event

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Link to post - Posted January 24th at 6:59 PM
i would think it would be easy to code displaying the achievements. like if a player has crusader A from an event, then the achievements tab would display the achievements you could get that were related to that crusader. if theres an event achievement that can only be completed during an event, it could have a red note on stating that. you could have a similar thing if event achievements need multiple event crusaders to complete the achievement and you only have one. i cant remember if Broot and Robbie had such an achievement but if they did, that would be an example.

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Link to post - Posted January 27th at 4:58 PM
Over the past year I've found some, what I consider, oddities to the some event achievements:

1) Girl Power (Princess' Pool Party), unless it has changed since I achieved it 6-8 months ago, was displayed among the other non-event achievements. It wasn't until I looked at the wiki that I realized it was an event achievement.

2) "Recruit crusader X" is only achievable during the crusader's corresponding event but "Fill crusader X's equipment slots" is achievable at any time. I think both should be treated the same, either both achievable any time or both only achievable during the event.

I use the Wikia to know all the information that we players have and any theories to explain observed behaviors, but it would be nice to have as much information in the game client as is feasible.
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