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how do I get the time turner trinket to work?
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 4:11 PM
Andrea Brook
I have it in my inventory but have no idea how to use it, any help would be appreciated!
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not Raymond
timey wimey reduces time of repeatable quests that last under a day, by 10%.
you equip it like any other trinket immediately before you cash in a quest, and you can then unequip it and go back to your normal trinket.
if you talk to town crier you will notice that quest xyz in now due to return in under 18 hours instead of 20 hours.
works for event quests too if they are repeatable and under a day long.

time turner is a similar trinket used in a similar way, which makes any quest you cash in with it in effect have a 5% chance of immediately repeating. I usually get to repeat one quest a day cause i do some 20 repeatable quests a day and sometimes 3 or 4 repeat. a random 5% chance each
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 4:51 PM
Andrea Brook
I don't know how to equip it though, so can you help with that?
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 5:01 PM
not Raymond
you got far enough into the game to have those trinkets and yuou do not know how to use trinkets?
you are losing out on odds modifications that can really improve your game.

click the sack lower right.
then the sack in that called inventory.
click one of the up to 8 changable trinket spots and select whatever trinket you would like to put in there from the list of all trinkets, i.e. click on time turner.
that's it.
as i described earlier, i put in time turner and timey whimey every day on every quest turn-in, and then take them out and use my good trinkets while whacking.
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 5:05 PM
Andrea, You can equip it the same way you do any other trinket. Just open your inventory bag, click on any trinket spot, and click on the time turner trinket to equip it.
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 7:01 PM
Andrea Brook
okay I have had the time turner and timey whimey in there for a while and it never seems to shorten the time between searches for the beasts. Thanks for the help~
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 11:05 PM
Amanda �rnborg
Andrea - the time turner only has a 5% chance of instantly resetting a daily quest cooldown, meaning you will be able to do it again straight away after handing it in (if you have the trinket equipped). Therefore it would take about 20 hand ins to realise the chance, and it may not activate on the quest you want if you have it equipped while handing in other quests.
The timey-whimey reduces all repeatable quest cool downs by 10%. So a normal 20 hour cool down will reduce by 2 hours to 18 hours. If like me you only play once a day at the same time each day, this won't be noticeable. I only equip it, if for some reason I play later than normal one day, so that my cool downs will be ready for the normal time the next day.
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