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Managed to reset the Challenge after bug kicked in, what about my tokens?

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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 3:11 PM
Last Edited January 11th at 3:37 AM
What's going to happen people like me who managed to reset the challenge after the bug kicked in? Now if I open the challenge menu I see "Unspent tokens: x0" and under "Your Top Scores: Nature's Not Enough Area 1234 x100".

Pic related:

Edit: and with phone
Edit 2: shows this now, I guess everything's ok?
Post by Shengis deleted January 10th at 3:49 PM

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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 2:07 PM
i was unable to reset/abandon but after they fixed it, my tokens were there to fill out a support ticket when you are missing things like this instead of coming here.
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