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New Feature! Limited Time Challenges have Arrived!

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Link to post - Posted January 9th at 3:27 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Today we're finally ready to unveil a brand new feature in Crusaders: Limited Time Challenges!

Limited Time Challenges are customized objectives that you can attempt once a week, between Tuesday at Noon PST (8pm GMT) and Thursday at Noon PST (8pm GMT).

You'll be awarded Challenge Tokens depending on how far you get, and you can use those Tokens to buy special items in the brand new Challenge store (coming soon.)

This week's Challenge has already begun, so get to it!

Good luck!

The FAQ is available in-game, from the Challenge dialog, or on the blog.

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Link to post - Posted January 9th at 8:04 PM
I've already royally messed this one up. I started the challenge but Emo is away on a mission for a day and a half. Any way I can get out of this or am I stuck?

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Link to post - Posted January 9th at 10:24 PM
Is there a way to see the breakdown of the token award system? ie 1 at lvl 25, 1 at lvl 100 etc etc. So that way there's a goal to set. Or dang!!!! No way i'm going to get another 34 levels, minus well reset now. Also not knowing the breakdown, the fear of resetting 1 level before a token would make me feel sick in my stomach. Then again, I would never know I guess how close I was :) Thanks. P.S. Great addition!!!!!! Kudos to the devs!!!!!

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Link to post - Posted January 9th at 11:00 PM
Last Edited January 9th at 11:02 PM
In the beginning it seems like 1 per 30 levels, but shortly after it gets better and up to level 900 it's pretty much 1 token per 10 levels. Then it slows down again. Haven't reached my maximum yet, so can't tell what it will be at a later levels.
P.S. "Great addition" might be an overstatement!

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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 12:19 AM
Ah thanks Zvereck. I'm still a nub (only 3k idols) so hitting a semi wall already at 175 even with the snowman. But going to push for 180 to get that token and maybe 210 now that I know. I'm still weak, probably better using time to farm idols/missions when I hit a bigger wall past 180/210. The 24 hours or so trying to get 1-2 extra tokens, I can use to get stronger for next weeks run I suppose.

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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 12:44 AM
Raymond Jerome
the breakdown on areas is listed in the following and so far as i can see is correct at least for several.
unknown if every challenge will be exactly the same numbers

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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 2:23 AM
Joe Gosselin
question : yesterday i started a challenge, go as far as level 350 with around 7 tokens before shuting down my pc. Continued today the challenge, my tokens counter reset to a big 0 tokens...

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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 7:14 AM
Last Edited Wednesday at 7:51 AM
Is the amount of challenge coins randomized? At the time of writing this, I'm at lvl 203 with 2 coins earned. A friend next to me is at 156 with 5 coins. The way I read the description it seemed like the amount would be set, unlike bonus idols which we know are a random amount. Could someone please verify if coin award is random?

Edit: For clarification, I'm playing through Steam and they are on Kongregate. Also as an update, I'm lvl 294 with 2 coins still. Friend 222 with 7.

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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 8:01 AM
Last Edited Wednesday at 8:07 AM
Raymond Jerome
read the link i posted and you will see you have exactly as many tokens at level x as you should have. not random at all
but perhaps you are experiencing one of many bugs

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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 8:22 AM
Read the link. Thank you for the info. They're on track, I'm probably bugged. I'll address my issues in the proper thread.

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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 8:50 AM
Last Edited Wednesday at 12:44 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
We'll try to get the bugs with the challenges worked out as soon as we can.

As to the token drops, they are gained for reaching areas, and they will be the same amount that drop for each player who reaches the area on that challenge.

The token distribution will be different on each challenge, since each campaign has different difficulty.

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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 10:11 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
If you are still on a challenge, your token counter will now resume counting properly, with the correct amount of tokens.

You should also be able to reset off the challenge properly now.

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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 12:16 PM
Last Edited Wednesday at 12:17 PM
NM overlooked a post.

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Link to post - Posted Wednesday at 12:39 PM
Joe Gosselin
yes, i just relogged and the tokens that vanished are back, thanks.

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Link to post - Posted Friday at 2:30 AM
I'm pretty disappointed that I missed the first one. You do know that on the PC, if you don't reload the game, whatever new content has been added does not show up, right? I did see the server maintenance announcement here on the forum, but when I got home from work Tuesday night, the game was still running, so I never reloaded until Thursday night. Your announcement did not mention any content change.

Also a two day window in what is the middle of the work week for most people is excessively limiting. How about changing this so you can start anytime during a given week and the event ends for you 48 hours after you start?

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Link to post - Posted Friday at 10:47 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
@ Jasmin: Thank you for the feedback.
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