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Resuming bug

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Link to post - Posted January 6th at 12:43 AM
Today I started The Final Battle T2 objective, everything went smooth until I decided to save my progress and exit the game. Upon resuming, I found my crusaders are at 0 DPS , 0 gold find, -100% gold bonus & all field abilities from click o rama to alchemy have cooldown. Even strange, the bug only occurred to crusaders on field not the ones on bench
Here's a shot I took after changing formation to stabilize the game:

The multiple cooldowns is obviously a bug cause I only use Magnify+Storm Rider. I can't activate all field abilities at once also

I've made crude reset to rerun this objective and somehow it goes better. However, I still notice one or two crusaders have 0 DPS when I resume the game and the multiple cooldowns still occur. Storm Rider cooldown is going to be affected badly :(

I'm not sure the cause of this but hopefully this will be fixed soon :)

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Link to post - Posted January 6th at 9:33 PM
Last Edited January 7th at 12:46 AM
Looks like everything works normally now

[couple hours later]

Umm... the bug is still here apparently but this time DPS and gold seems fine but the multiple cooldowns remains

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Link to post - Posted January 8th at 11:16 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Thank you for the report.

We're looking into the issue with the timers.
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