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Explorer's League Part 4
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Link to post - Posted January 3rd at 3:39 PM
Marie Savory Ne Holder
sorted 1st 1 done :)
Post by Barbara Tompkins deleted January 3rd at 5:08 PM
Post by Flybaby deleted January 4th at 10:58 AM
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Link to post - Posted January 3rd at 5:04 PM
Elizabeth Brown
@Flybaby, people have been updating the wiki:
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@ Elizabeth. I have been a huge contributor of the wiki for a very long time, but this forum is also a great source of info for those that don't visit the Wiki, and many players come here to share info.
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Russel Denton
ok, firstly my first creature was at Idyllic isles so it can be added to the list of locales and secondly why is everyone getting their panties in a twist its simple, you click the creature after you found it, then you whack bushes near the field the creature is near and whack until the item pops up ok, easy as cake
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 8:29 AM
Denise C Steil
I didn't find it as confusing as most people seem to. Thank you devs for a new quest. I have found 2 as of this morning. will they all look the same?
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 8:36 AM
Marie Mainely
Just wanted to thank everyone for the information on the Explorer League's new quest. So enjoy the game!
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 9:14 AM
Barbara Tompkins
I so agree with Russel.....easy peasy...too do....
I did mine with no issues.. and I am glad now we do not have to look for the 2nd halves.....they are listed in link....on wiki...

Love doing them...interesting indeed.....haha
good thinking dev's.....
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 9:28 AM
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Barbara Tompkins
Hi dev's..

I did not see any quest for the .from town crier and it is not in cooldowns..??
I had to go to 4th floor of tower today and voila it was there..
that is the only issue I have ..with them....
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 9:31 AM
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I've been whacking in first field in Forest Detour near Commons for a day, looking for creature to pop up hahaha, just now realized I don't need to whack.
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 9:33 AM
Cyndi Buis Jacobs
I'm so confused. I'm looking for a creature? Or I'm whacking looking for a half sphere? Do I find a creature first and then whack? Or whack in fields and then a creature will appear? I'm so thankful for those who post help in the wiki! But is there a way we know which area a creature will appear in on a particular day? Or is it by walking around to each area that we find it each day? Help, please!
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 10:18 AM
not Raymond
see the list several posts ago? a sphere is in any/all of those and when its time for you to get one, you can go get any one that you want.
it then truns into a creature right next to a field you have to whack in.
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 10:31 AM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
Good morning Bush Whackers!

Very sorry about any confusion regarding this new Explorer's League epic quest. While we strive to make them challenging, we try to avoid as much confusion as possible.

We've just deployed an update with some minor adjustments to the quest in hopes of making it more clear. The changes include:

- The skyscraper door will now have an exclamation mark when another Mechanical Clasp has been assembled.
- You're given two hints from Josephine after you fail to capture the Lockbox Creature in the Forest Detour, which are shown as objectives in the main quest.
- Josephine mentions that Secret Bonus Areas are not involved.
- Aitana will tell you to go capture a creature if you've already got a clasp.
- Once you've clasped a creature and sent it to Eadie at Pompeii, your character will mention that they're done and must wait for another clasp.

Don't forget that Abenthy usually has tips regarding your current Explorer's League quest!

We really appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoy this new content. It's always great to see you helping each other out as well.

Happy whacking!
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 10:45 AM
Marie Savory Ne Holder
im ready for the 2nd creature i know you need to wait 20 hrs , im on GMT but its in your time which was 3.30pm so would be very grateful if you can to let me know the time difference my time is 6.42pm @ the mo
thank you Nickshire very helpful
a mention of a count down clock trinket were do i get 1
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 10:50 AM
Last Edited January 5th at 6:04 AM
Thanks Nick for the clarifications. I have added quest descriptions to the wiki
and will add those as well.

Update from the WIKI
SPOILER - 20/20 Locations found thus far
A BIG thanks to all who contributed!

1 Castle Basement - bottom right
2 Creepy Crevice - around field 2
3 Deep Swamp - by Field 4 (Top Right)
4 Feeshi Island - near lower left field
5 Idyllic Isles - South west field
6 Jungle Temple - East field
7 Main Mine - Below field 3
8 Molten Core - north of field 3, right after passing the first hot lava
9 Mountain Peak - northeast field
10 Murky Depths - field 2
11 Mushroom Core - field 4 (upper right)
12 River's Source - Field 4 (middle right)
13 Shady Forest - Field 5 (top field)
14 Sickened Stream - between witches and field 3 (south of witches)
15 Sporing Forest - South east field
16 Torrid Top - North east field
17 Upper Evergreen Forest - by Field 3 (top middle)
18 Windy Crest - Between field 4 and 5 (south-east)
19 Crumbling Palace - Top right field
20 Castle Crypts - Top right field

Edit: Added last 2 locations (wiki)
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 11:09 AM
@Marie - You get the Timey Wimey watch by completing Nate's quest, The Cave of Lost Time. Equipping the watch decreases the cool-down of repeatable quests by 10%. As for the 20 hrs between quests, it has nothing to do with time zones. The countdown begins when you turn in a quest, so it is different for everyone. Hope that helps.
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 11:10 AM
not Raymond
Marie, go to your 4'th floor and talk to this guy, he will tell you exactly when you can do the next one
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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 11:40 AM
Marie Savory Ne Holder
yeh just found it thanks guys , it took me ages to work out the time difference lol it made my brain hurt lol being dyslexic my maths is really bad , yep clock now in use , i enjoy using the reset from v.i.p will it reset this quest ? happy whacking x
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Cyndi Buis Jacobs
Thanks so much for the update and tips! I captured my first creature and went back to the 4h floor but it didn't appear there was anyone there waiting to speak to me. What doI need to do to send the creature to Eadie at Pompeii?