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predicting daily quest?
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Link to post - Posted January 2nd at 8:02 AM
Don't know if it is at all possible but I was wondering if there is angy way of predicting what the daily quest will be? or are the quests random each day? I am asking more because of daily farmer quest, cause it would be useful to know if it asks us for big gold, big energy, and so on so we save the harvest until the quest is available or if the task is jewelry or fish to simply harvest the crops.

I am guessing it is impossible to predict right?
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Link to post - Posted January 2nd at 1:12 PM
not Raymond
it's random, BUT one can deal with that by asking in chat what 'todays' is if you ask someone after midnight PST. random but everyone gets the same one. i plant 10 short gold and 10 short energy constantly in researching my crops, if the quest is long i ignore it and wait/hope it is nicer at midnight
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