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because of people with severe eye sight issues please

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Link to post - Posted December 26th at 2:45 PM
not Raymond
provide a mode where on the play field, none of the circles of buffs appear along with not showing ANY of the immense amount of junk displayed. so that whwn people post an image of a formation we can actually see the formation. it is impossible to identify a single crusader in a formation someone recently posted.

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Screenshots can be made more user friendly by zooming in, waiting until the buff bubbles refresh, and not hovering over a crusader. verses

Even if they make the toggle there is no guarantee that the player taking the image will use it...

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Link to post - Posted December 27th at 10:38 AM
Even though my eyesight is fairly ok, I'm very much in favor of a lighter user interface. CNE's folks have mentioned multiple times during the Reddit Q&As that they are working on something which should work better than the current situation.

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Link to post - Posted December 29th at 1:05 PM
Can you send a link to that picture Raymond?
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