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[FYI] A lot of Stew (achievement)

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Link to post - Posted December 3rd at 2:48 PM
Ben Strijker
Just unlocked it even though the event is over.
The only downside was not able to see how much you have collected already.
Not that it matters you got to keep her in until you have it.

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Link to post - Posted December 5th at 1:50 AM
Erika "There's not a way to see them in game. Event achievements that you don't complete are hidden if the event is not running.
You can check the various event pages on the player-made wikia to see what the achievements are.
The only achievements not available to get outside of an event are the ones that require being on the specific event free play, and the recruit achievements, since those are tied to completing the objective to recruit the event Crusader."
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