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Make Accio Difficulty change...

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Link to post - Posted December 1st at 8:21 AM
Last Edited December 1st at 8:21 AM
I suggest that Accio Difficulty would complete at Level 170 instead of 275. Because 275 is equivalent to level 1375 because it would be difficult and it would waste a lot of warps for Firestorm. It needs major fix and revamps but no plan yet.

I checked it out the Slow Descent Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4, the level 100, level 140, level 180 and level 200, are equivalent to Level 500, level 700, Level 900 and level 1000.

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Link to post - Posted December 1st at 9:39 AM
not Raymond
i did accacio difficulty in a day and a half and used no warps.
have 7.15M idols and highest dps ever was 3.5e233 in some other objective. highest ever area only 1220, i am a stickler to not using many of the newest crusaders and am not the best in formation design.

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Link to post - Posted December 2nd at 3:06 AM
Keep it as it is. They made the 5th 11th t2 very hard so people couldnt just get all the 25% missions easily. Get more power, wait or push through with firestorming.

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Link to post - Posted December 2nd at 5:54 AM
Accio Difficulty pretty good, it must be as it is now.

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Link to post - Posted December 2nd at 1:01 PM
I might not have much say in this because I have 37mil idols and everything is a joke now lol But still, this is the kind of game where you're not SUPPOSED to be able to do everything at any time. Not strong enough? Then you've just gotta take the time to grow in ability before taking on harder tasks, or use clever strategy to push farther than pure brute force can do alone. However, I can ASSURE you that as you gain gear, crusaders, and idols, things that were teeth-grindingly hard before end up becoming no-effort-needed casual runs down the line. If an objective - any objective - is really giving you that much strain, quit it, take some time (days, weeks, months, whatever) to gain resources, and then when you come back to it you'll notice a world of difference. or rather, several-hundred worlds, depending on how many times you've reset.

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Link to post - Posted December 2nd at 1:05 PM
I generally agree with the OP. I find it strange/irksome that a Tier 2 objective requires a maxed Tier 3 talent (Extra Training) and a more than 50% maxed Tier 4 talent (Superior Training) and many ranks in other Tier 3 talents. Then for three events now, Tier 3 event objectives have been trivial compared to Accio Difficulty.

I can also agree that CE was/is trying to put a speed break into the ability of (new) players to get all these idol bonus rewards. Though it does mainly affect new players, since players who already have 5M or more idols and scores of legendary pieces of gear probably won't have any problem. So perhaps it would've been better to lessen the bonus percentage for the Tier 2 objectives (+10% instead of +25%) and then put +25% on the Tier 3 versions.

I'd be curious to know how it would be to respec and spend no idols on any talents above Tier 2 and see where they could get to on the objective. I'm confident that it would be no where near the goal.

Relatedly, I felt that the Reversion was unusually hard when compared against all other Tier 1 objectives. Recruiting Chiome and all the other objectives of her event were much easier than Reversion was. It was clear that more idols would help, as would more epic gear. XP and enchantment points help, but both are diminishing returns, as are idols unless they are spent on a talent. Once I was able to do Reversion, Water Guns of Doom was trivial. I am also anticipating the same for these Tier 2 objectives, one hard objective and then smooth sailing through the rest.
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