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Bummer Chest Pull

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Link to post - Posted November 24th 2017 at 9:14 AM
Just spent $10 on a few of the Thanksgiving chests hoping to kit out some of my new champions, but it was almost entirely duplicates, and the couple of upgrades I did get weren't exactly impressive, either. I get that this stuff is supposed to be random, but the description says it's "weighted towards upgrades and empty slots", which I'm just not seeing. Is this what buying chests is always like? Just deep disappointment and regret? How much is it supposed to be "weighted"?

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Link to post - Posted November 24th 2017 at 11:54 AM
So far, the random part of buying chests has always been disappointing and regretted. Happy to buy the goldens, mind you, and actually get that one guaranteed upgrade, but every time i've splurged on only the chance of an upgrade i've realized i just don't have enough money to make that satisfying.

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Link to post - Posted November 25th 2017 at 2:18 AM
Of course a day after a deal pops up for Petra gear. I even specifically waited for Friday, thinking it would have popped up by then.

It's even more depressing, but I think I'm willing to shell out more cash anyway.

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Link to post - Posted November 28th 2017 at 2:54 PM
hi, same issue here, just for reference i have been playing for 2 months, have 40K idols and all rares on beginning saders. I bought 10 chests, got only 2 new rares for new event saders. The rest were disenchanted because i already had them. Only 1 epic, which was disenchated in the whole 10. So I don't see any weighting to better equipment here and think that is false advertising. I have learned not to buy any chests without a guaranteed golden epic, not worth the money.

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Link to post - Posted November 28th 2017 at 6:31 PM
Yeah, sounds like a lot of people are having the same issue. If it was just bad luck on my part I may have tried for it again, but the weighting seems nearly nonexistent. I'll keep going for the golden epics, but normal chest purchases are out.

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Link to post - Posted November 29th 2017 at 12:57 AM
Weigthing doesnt mean you get full epic after 10chests and it doesnt "prevent" duplicate epics. There is just a small chance for weighting. Not guaranteed weighting.

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Link to post - Posted November 29th 2017 at 11:06 AM
That may be true, Vin, but it calls into question what the point of "slight weighting" is if so many people have had such a major issue with it for so long. I mean, I opened over THIRTY tier-3 chests meant SPECIFICALLY to gear Chiyome, and she had 2 epics already before opening them, and after THIRTY CHESTS SPECIFICALLY FOR GEARING HER AND HER ONLY, still no third epic. And this is a common issue with just me, let alone however many other people have similarly-infuriating experiences. I mean, do the math on that. 35 chests, each guaranteed to drop at least a rare piece, three equipment slots, meaning JUST from that one card per chest guaranteed to be rare-or-higher there's 35 chances to get 1 out of the 6 possible drops, not including the 1 other card per chest that can be whatever, giving even more chances, and *EVERY* one of those 70 gear drops, 35 of which guaranteed to be rare-or-higher, was a duplicate.

That doesn't sound weighted, that sounds like broken RNG hat cost me $40 to get almost nothing.

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Link to post - Posted November 29th 2017 at 1:26 PM
I think it would be nice to see what the actual chances for pulls are, both for normal unweighted chests, and for the more specific weighted ones. It's not entirely uncommon for devs to lay out the odds for their gachas in the purchase screen somewhere (or at least have a link to them).

The bottom line, though, is that no one is noticing that things are weighted at all. Everything that happens can be chalked up to just average luck. Not even "pretty good" luck, but just what you might expect coming out of an ordinary chest.

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Link to post - Posted November 30th 2017 at 3:01 PM
hi again, just an observation that might be of interest to all in buying new jc. On my chat we had one player open 2 sets of 100 jc. The average number of epics were 15/100. Another player made the comment that your luck is bad only if you don't get 1 epic when you buy 10 jc and it is good if you get 2 epics from 10 purchased. Whether they are new epics or disenchanted is a separate issue
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