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Thoughts of a new player

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Link to post - Posted November 21st at 11:48 PM
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Started playing this thing two or three weeks ago. Figured I'd share some feedback about my experience with this game.

First and foremost, this thing is utterly unplayable without resorting to an external wiki; huge amounts of extremely basic information about the way the game works is not available in-game. Here's just a bunch of things I ran into:
- How to reset the world. The game say to get "Nate Dragon". Sure, that is correct, but to a new player that doesn't mean anything; when I got Natalia Dragon, I recognised the "Dragon" bit and thought she was going to have the reset button. It wasn't until reading the description for the Double Dragon ability that it dawned on me there might be two soldiers with very similar names.
- The exact effects of resetting. Nowhere in-game does it tell you whether buffs, chests and rubies survive across resets.
- The mechanic for earning "x minutes" of gold. Nowhere in-game does it tell you how this is calculated (even without getting the exact formula, it would surely be nice to know it's based off of current DPS).
- The meaning of the icons for each soldier. They are only used for missions... which are locked out on your first run. So you have a bunch of icons (some obvious, some non-obvious), which you can't mouse-over and which seem to have no use whatsoever.
- These are the things I remember off the top of my head; you should really grab two or three random people of the street, tell them to write down everything they don't understand, then let them play for a few hours. They are likely to produce a much longer list than this.
- There's bunch of references to "cooldown cap" all over the place. Good luck figuring out what that is all about!

After getting a bunch of hours in, I feel the UI is very clunky and there's lots and lots of room for improvement:
- Nate's reset ability is drawn as just any other ability. I keep accidentally clicking it all the time. How about simply giving it another background colour; something very different from green, that would clearly set it apart.
- Some kind of pause button. When I'm changing and optimising my formation, it gets really annoying I can only do so in thee middle of combat. How do I compare damage output when it's not only changing because of swapping soldiers, but also because of the number of enemies on screen? Remove the lead soldier and you can't replace him because the enemies are too close. Argh! :-( It's fine if the pause only works when there are no enemies close to my formation (that's a perfectly sensible restriction), but please do give me /something/.
- Everything about the mission screen. Some way to hide missions I'm not interested in at all, some way to pin the next ones I want to do. When selecting soldiers to go on missions, don't just show the relevant classes, also let me see the ones not needed. For instance, if I need a male human, I want to send the one who's only male human, not the male human shield; I want to keep him in reserve if any missions come up which require a shield. And seriously, please include the name of my soldiers, don't make me have to rely on their pictures... :-s
- On the inventory screen it says how many idols you've got. Nice... except that I don't care at all; what I want to know is how many I can spend. Currently the only way to figure that out is opening a popup screen, either to realise "oh right, already spent them" or "oh yikes, completely forgot to spend them for the last few runs".
- On the inventory screen it says how many chests you've got saved up. Thanks, but what I'd really like to know is how many cool chests I've got (as in: do I have any other than the bog-standard ones?). How about something like: "Regular chests: 123x, All others: 1x"?
- Speaking of chests, please make opening them less annoying. Click the chest you want, click to open the card, click to collect the card (and if it's a dupe item, click another three or four times...), repeat for the other cards. It's fun the first two or three times, but I have hundreds of them which I'm not opening because it's too clumsy.
- It would be great to have an indicator in the main game screen to show whether auto-advance is on or off. Bonus points if clicking it toggles it. I find myself all the time "double-clicking" the G key just to get the notification about whether it's on or off.
- Pardon the nit-picking, but reporting time remaining as "12 hours 34 minutes 56 seconds" is ridiculous. Leaving out internal zeros ("12 hours 56 seconds" instead of "12 hours 0 minutes 56 seconds") makes it even worse. Leaving out internal zeros *and* truncating (such as in the mission screen) means you can sometimes see it counting down seconds, so for a moment you think it's almost done... but then you see there's days left:
2 days 3 seconds
2 days 2 seconds
2 days 1 seconds
2 days
1 day 23 hours
I don't mind this being available as an option (if there really are people who like this notation), but please make it possible to switch to a nice, concise and (above all) consistent notation like "2d 12:34:56". (Whether it leaves out leading zeros isn't important to me; "0d 00:34:56", "00:34:56" and "34:56" are all perfectly fine, just don't hide trailing zeros!)

More to come later; for now I think this post is plenty long enough. :p

Regarding "Basic Posting Guidelines - Search for threads that address your topic before posting a new thread."
There's about 800 threads so far; doing a thorough search on each individual suggestion would take days. So yeah, sorry about skipping that step.

Wow, that's almost unreadable... Does this forum support some kind of markup; I just tested: BB-code and markdown don't do anything, HTML gets stripped...?

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Link to post - Posted November 22nd at 6:46 AM
not Raymond see that second number? that's spendable idols, no popup needed. see the number of 'cool' chests? see the unclunky way to open multiple chests, who ever opens only one? see the in game info. try it yourself, click the ? guidebook right on screen and read, I have never relied on any forums or wiki for this game. also ask questions in chat for instant or near instant answers. in game chat or facebook game chat.

as for trying out crusaders to compare, try pressing shift left arrow to fall back to area 1 where nobody is attacking you. no pause needed. then press g to get back to advancing.

identity of mission tags can be seen in the roundabout way by going to the mission screen. and i find no mission not worth doing, don't even bother to get 100% of most. and it is a simple thing to scroll to not pick the games first choices offered, shift arrow, ctrl arrow and ctrl shift arrow are also good. the star and X are very useful to make specific crusaders appear first or last and still be avoided or used if wanted.

as for searching the threads. i lied above, i do look at the forums sometimes, the wiki never. but the forums has a great search box, put in a good keyword for what you want and you likely only need to scan a few topics, not thousands. and if its pages back or not what you need then by all means start a new topic and get answered right away, you will not get yelled at.

more to some... probably... many abilities are not available till first reset.

forums are pure text cause any kind of markup can be abused or exploited.

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Link to post - Posted November 22nd at 7:43 AM
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Number of spendable idols and chests:
Ah cool, hadn't found those hovers yet, thanks for the tip!

Opening multiple chests:
Yes, I know, but I rather spend my idols on actual benefits, instead of declunkifying the UI. Also, that's only even an option once you've reached level 300. I got frustrated with the opening of chests long before reaching that point.

In-game help:
Yes, I've found that, but some info is still missing there; what happens to buffs, chests and rubies is not mentioned in that screenshot (nor, as far as I can tell, anywhere else in-game).

Formation setup:
Hmm, that would be a work-around I guess.

I haven't the vaguest clue how many soldiers you have, but I'm only up to 24, so I can only send 12 on missions; I have to let many time-out without being able to get to them.

My request was not related to the ability to manually choose which soldiers to send, but to make it easier to decide which ones you want to send in the first place. Again, maybe my desire to be selective about it and optimise as much as possible is caused by having limited options at the moment and it is possible this necessity goes away later on. Still, at this moment it is an issue and I think the game would be more appealing to new players if it were improved.

The shift/ctrl arrow keys don't do anything for me...?

I don't need full HTML (yep, far too easy to abuse the hell out of it), I was just hoping for bold, italics and itemised/bulleted lists.

Thanks for the tips!

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Link to post - Posted November 22nd at 8:05 AM
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not Raymond
shift and ctrl arrows will only be useful when you have pages of things to scroll past.
i have 101 crusaders and can send 51 on missions. You being a newbie I can only say that perhaps you should only do specific missions like the recruit crusaders and gear ones, materials, recipes, ruby's and idols ones. perhaps gold ones and some ep ones, but skip speed buff ones. all depends. others may chime in on this. like i said, i do all but that's cause i can LOL.

people hoard chests, but perhaps newbies should open most...

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Link to post - Posted December 2nd at 1:19 PM
I wouldn't bother with recruit or gear upgrade missions. Epic and even most rare missions are not worth doing for new players. If you want to do these, then go for it, but I would focus on, in priority order:

1) Enchantment missions (helps DPS and is needed for some missions, get all crusaders to 100, then work for 200 and then pick some to get to 400)
2) Common buff missions (they're short and don't take many crusaders)
3) Recipe missions
4) Crafting material missions
5) Chest missions
6) Rare and epic buff missions (sadly these are inferior to the common buff missions)
7) Recruit missions
8) Upgrade missions

The main things to consider are:

1) How close to 100% success chance do you have
2) How long will the mission take
3) Is failure punished

In my view, if you have 100% success chance, then go for it. If you expect to be AFK (unable to log in) for an extended length of time, then consider doing a longer mission. If there's no extra punishment for failure, then it is easier to take a chance.
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