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Trade Crafting Materials

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Link to post - Posted November 21st at 5:20 PM
I would like to propose an in game system where I can convert uncommon materials into common or rare materials, etc. I don't mean an in game market, I mean a quest option that converts materials, but the quest is available at the bottom of the crafting window rather than in the quest bar (so no one accidentally converts materials). I have more uncommon materials than I could ever use, and I never have enough common materials.

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Link to post - Posted November 21st at 8:27 PM
Last Edited November 21st at 8:30 PM
Just upgrade a legendery as high as you can using uncommon materials, then disenchant it - and you get all the materials back, but all translated to the equivalent value in common materials.

Of course, it only works in one direction - so you can't make U/R/E materials - but it's easy enough to convert materials to common.
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