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Island/Area Ideas
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Link to post - Posted September 30th 2017 at 3:31 AM
I didn't post on the first one for a month so it got locked so ima do it again.
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So if you are a Dev and you're thirsty for ideas, then come here! If adding something here, please make sure your area has 4 whacking areas, 1 Nate Adventure and 1 Detective Case. Also, have a name for all areas, some items (Housing and Cosmetic) and knowing what the general area looks like.
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Link to post - Posted September 30th 2017 at 3:32 AM
As an example, here is an area I've thought of!
The Campgrounds (Biome Name)
Area One: The Tour Post
One field, one quest, one puzzle and 2 decor items.
An old man with some wooden scraps next to him is crying. You talk to them and he says "Some man went to the camp and destroyed me tour boat." then you say "I think I can fix it." then he says "I know he scattered the peices in the feild and mybe you can find them."
Quest one: 30 Wooden planks for Paul
After you get them, he says "Thank you. Now you got some oars, too. Right?" then you say "Oh no." then he says "Maybe it's in a puzzle, like folks have been talking about."
Puzzle 1: Getting Paul's oars.
After completing a puzzle and collecting the oars and giving them to Paul, he gives you an item called "Boat Trophy" which is home decor and "Oar Sword" and a cosmetic item.
After giving him the oars and after the quest items, he'll say "Thanks! Now I can take you to the camp!" then you say "Thanks!" and he puts you in a boat and takes you over to "The Camp Shore"
That's it for the first of 5 fields in the Campgrounds
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Last Edited September 30th 2017 at 3:37 AM
ou are now on a new island, like the transition from the Desert to the Evergreen Forest.
The second area is called "The Camp Shore."
This is a friendly area with no fields. There are a lot of children Bush Whackers grouped together with the counselors around them. "There was a red man who attacked us." Said the counselor (I'm assuming there's still the Red Man. I'm only in The Northern Swamp's 3rd field and I saw this stuff on the wiki so hopefully he's still there.) You then say "Where did he go?" then he says "Into the tent site." then you say "I'll catch him then."
You then walk into that area.
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Link to post - Posted September 30th 2017 at 3:54 AM
This area is called "The Sports Hub" The field areas are: Near a river, next to a meadow, on some rocks and near a mountain. The Puzzles are: 1. Some of the purple critters from the first forest walk around. 2. A dock. This will take you to field 2. Also once unlocked, you can fish for The fishing trophy (Home decor) and a fish cape. 3. Boats near the dock. 4. Creates a person that has a quest called "Flying Books for Fenchurch." It is supposed to be a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide. 5. Some trees disappear and create a path to field three, leading you to a rocky area. 6. A tennis court in the meadow. 7. A huge tire swing tree. 8. A chest with 500 gold and a trinket called "Soccer Ball." It gives you a +50% chance to get energy. 9. Tetherball, chalk and hopscotch are created on the rocks. Also creates a path to field 4. 10. Some rabbits and a rabbit den go into the meadow next to tennis. 11. Some more kids and an adult with them. 12. A shortcut between field 4 and field 1.
Home Decor Items: 1. Soccer Ball "For all sportsy needs!" 2. Goal "You can use this for everything!" 3. Tennis racket stand (For walls) "Now you need a field."
Character Items: 1Soccer Hat "Hopefully people won't mistake it for a real ball." 2. Tennis racket sword "Boing!" 3. Strap Cape "For rock climbing in The Dusty Incline."
4 Quests: 1. Oars for Orville. He's on the dock. 2. Flying Books for Fenchurch 3. Pots for Perry. 4. Kites for Kiara. (They're all children)
The secret bonus area is accessed by walking on the boats. It has 64 pieces and gives you a camper gnome. It looks like Max from Camp Camp.
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Link to post - Posted October 8th 2017 at 7:41 AM
After opening the gate in "The Sports Hub" there will be a ladder. After you climb is, you go to the next area called "The Hiker's Pass" The fields are:1. Around some trees along a path. Next to the path is the mountain. 2. A field that's at the top of the mountain near a rocky overhang. 3. Under the rocky overhang is the next field. 4. A field on the far right of the area. This area has pine trees surrounding it instead of normal trees. The puzzles are: 1. A fence along the path. 2. A wooden bridge to go over a gap to get to the path to field 2. 3. Warning signs with plants growing all over them. 4. A grill and picnic tables. 5. A waterfall that goes down the overhang but doesn't cover the field. 6. A ladder down to field 3. If you go behind the waterfall, you'll go to a SBA. The puzzle has 64 pieces and rewards you with a waterfall hat. Everything in fields 3 and 4 are grassy and not rocky. 7. A tree stump and some fairies. 8. Some campers. They clear out an area they say is their "Camp site." They clear a path to the 4th field by doing that. 9. Their campsite has tents, fires and everything else needed, along with a counselor with a quest called "Marshmallows for Martin" 10. A small garden is created. 11. A camper is created who you can buy an energy charm from called Gummy Worms. They cost one of every gem other than diamonds. 12. A pedestal that the key spawns on. Once opening up the gate to the next biome, you see a chest that blocks the way. A man is standing next to it, and asks if you can help him open it. Once you open it, it says "Red Man Plans - By His Lovely Assistants. 1. Take over all the populated areas on this island (The campsite, The Turkey worshipping war, The Kingdom, The Canyons and Candy-Town) we've already taken over the prison, so wee'll be able to give all of his subject houses. 2. Scare all the other islands and take them over. 3. Find that Bush WHacker who keeps ruining our plans!" The man is shocked. Then, the red man appears at the opening to the Turkey Worshipping biome, then shoots a tree, starts a fire and blocks that exit. He then maniacly laughs and teleports away. The fine then burns away another path to the next whacking area in the campzone.
Home Decor Items: 1. Mountain Climbing Award. "Participation, sadly." 2. Mini-Mountain "There's a little camper on here too!" 3. Tent Toy "Not to scale"
Character Items: 1. Camper Shirt (Just says "Bush Camp") "Size unknow" 2. Rock Climbing Gloves "Safety First!" 3. Safety Sign Sword "35 Feet Up"
4 Quests: 1. Supplies for Sim2. Badges for Barley 3. Marshmallows For Martin 4. Rope for Ripley. All are children other than Martin.
The secret area is accessed by walking behind the waterfall. It has a 64 piece puzzle with a waterfall hat.
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Link to post - Posted October 12th 2017 at 4:56 PM
Last Edited October 28th 2017 at 8:20 AM
Once you walk through the exit and get to "The Cabin Fires" you have a little cutscene where fire starts burning down a cabin with kids in it. You hear screaming, and get a quest called "Saving the kids." You need to find 300 water buckets in bushes and complete a puzzle to create a well.
The fields are : One with burning trees all around it, one with burning cabins surrounding it, one that isn't burning, but is slightly charred and one where a ton of kids and counselors are, with empty picnic tables.
Puzzles: 1. A river runs along the trees, and some are extinguished. 2. Some footprints from the Red Man's assistants. They lead into field 2. 3. Some swords lay on the ground with a trap around them. After completing "The Cabin Fires" this is where a Nate Adventure starts. 4. A play-fort that's live-sized. 5. Some doors on the cabins. Then children run out of the doors. 6. A rain-machine that puts out the fire on the cabins and a fire blocking your way to field 3. 7. A lot of critters from various areas. 8. A path to field 4. 9. A path clears to a hedge maze. There are 2 exits. One is easy and leads to a chest with some schematics for various items and the other is the path to a secret bonus area. The reward is the Camp Bushwhacker Flag Golf Piece. 10. A river. 11. A ton of medical supplies for the table. 12. The well.
After gaining the well and getting 300 water buckets, you put out the original cabin fire, and the kids are happy. They give you the gold key if you got 100%. If not, you just have to wait for them to give you the key. They'll have a yellow exclamation point above their heads when your ready. After unlocking the gate, you go into an industrial looking area.
Home Decor: Cabin Toy "For all Opera Needs", Medical Supplies "Safety Never Hurts!" and Fire Award "No Extinguisher Added"
Character Items: Water Cape "Not Evaporable", Tree hat (Flaming) "Hot Headed!" and the Medical Backpack "Safest!"
Quests:1. Bottles for Barry 2. Barrels for Barren 3. Buckets for Bara and 4. Boxes for Benny (Their all children with a kinda similar design."
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Link to post - Posted October 28th 2017 at 8:20 AM
Once you walk through into the indesrial area, you'll see a cabin at the end of the fireld you're in. There's dumpsters all around. Your're inside of a chain fence, and the lunch lady kidnaps a kid. But, while doing so, the red man appears and does some kind of recruitment ritual to a club he's starting called "Bushwhackia's Villains"
The fields are: 1. In the industrial area 2. In the cafeteria 3. In the KItchen 4. At the bus area
The Puzzles Are 1. Some nice smell sprays 2. Some flowers growing out of cracks in the ground 3. A door to the cafeteria is unlocked. 4. Some Grade A Chefs 5. A door to the kitchen 6. Children 7. More Chefs 8. Cooking Materials 9. A door to the bus area 10. Buses 11. Sidewalks 12. Staff Members
After getting 100%, a key will pop up in front of one of the buses. After you unlock the door, a pilgrim welcomes you to their society.
Home Decor:1. Cooking Timer "Not to Burn" 2. Cooking Trophy "I don't think it's edible 3. Wire Fence "For the robbers"
Character Items : Ladle Sword "No Soup for You!" 2. Lunch Lady Cap Thingy "Latex Free" 3. Food Cape "Yummy"
Quests: 1. Disease Antidotes For Darren (He's a ghost) 2. Earrings for Ellie 3. Ladles For Lawrence 4. Designer Coats for Do-Yeon
The Secret Bonus Area is in the kitchen. After clicking on the fridge, you'll get inside and have to complete a puzzle. The reward is a Camp Counselor Gnome.
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