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The Use of Nerfed Permanent Campaign Formations on Challenges
Posted by Azaryah
3 July 4th at 2:19 AM
by Azaryah
Timing of Challenges relative to Events
Posted by Carlene Paquette
2 June 26th at 1:29 PM
by Erika/Alyniana
Monster Spawn Speed Calc BUMP*
Posted by taiboxa
3 June 18th at 4:56 PM
by Azaryah
New Crusader Idea
Posted by AndrewtheSmart
7 May 12th at 4:03 PM
by AndrewtheSmart
Mission Window: Click Requirement Tag Suggestion/Request
Posted by tl93
1 April 28th at 2:55 PM
by tl93
Previous events
Posted by SuchSoft
4 April 24th at 11:04 PM
by Bazilus
New chest and X close window dialogue
Posted by Carlene Paquette
2 April 23rd at 8:05 AM
by not Raymond
[Suggestions] More steam DLC
Posted by Zado
1 April 15th at 11:14 AM
by Zado
Clickers and "Shooters"
Posted by Azamagon
6 April 13th at 1:51 PM
by Animenut
Toggle for Crusader commentary balloons.
Posted by DocHoneydew
14 April 1st at 5:11 PM
by not Raymond
challenges questions/suggestions
Posted by Hero123
4 March 31st at 12:58 AM
by Vingummi
Tier 5 talents
Posted by Azamagon
3 March 27th at 4:13 AM
by Azamagon
Ideas for Weekly Challenges
Posted by AndrewtheSmart
16 March 10th at 4:19 PM
by MisterC8
Posted by YuConan04
3 March 4th at 2:38 AM
by Bloodbane
Is there any point posting in this forum...!? (Page 1 2)
Posted by RvW
23 February 15th at 12:39 PM
by AndrewtheSmart
Frankie - A Croon dilemma, and a suggestion to that dilemma!
Posted by Azamagon
5 February 15th at 4:43 AM
by Azamagon
Challenge shop - speed buff?
Posted by Moon
4 February 7th at 11:13 AM
by ihatethisfing
New Crusader: Mother StarWeb /incomplete
Posted by Tygari
5 February 6th at 3:12 AM
by Bloodbane
Two new shortcut keys
Posted by Moon
7 February 2nd at 3:05 PM
by KameRose
It's complicated! Concern for e308 cap?
Posted by MisterC8
1 January 31st at 1:32 AM
by MisterC8