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AFK Mode for low end PCs
Posted by Skynes
1 January 21st at 8:53 PM
by Skynes
Clans or Guilds with multi-player co-op raiding missions
Posted by pocketjokers
8 January 21st at 12:46 PM
by AndrewtheSmart
Date/Time for Events
Posted by Bryan Janiga
4 January 10th at 10:45 PM
by Bazilus
Posted by AndrewtheSmart
1 January 9th at 12:13 PM
by AndrewtheSmart
More info about missions
Posted by Differ4k
9 January 4th at 10:14 AM
by Raymond Jerome
New Crusaders/Events
Posted by AndrewtheSmart
5 January 4th at 7:07 AM
by AndrewtheSmart
Stash all the heroes pressing 1 button
Posted by Differ4k
2 January 2nd at 2:53 PM
by Vingummi
because of people with severe eye sight issues please
Posted by Raymond Jerome
4 December 29th at 1:05 PM
by AndrewtheSmart
Mass open chests, option for different chests
Posted by MonsieurBambi
3 December 29th at 1:04 PM
by AndrewtheSmart
Saved Formation "Ghosts"
Posted by miststlkr
1 December 25th at 11:24 AM
by miststlkr
Groklok's Eligible Receivers
Posted by AndrewtheSmart
1 December 24th at 9:55 AM
by AndrewtheSmart
New Character options (costumes)
Posted by AerynWind
2 December 19th at 1:45 PM
by AndrewtheSmart
Turning off formation abilities
Posted by origamiswami
12 December 13th at 10:58 AM
by origamiswami
Thoughts of a new player
Posted by RvW
5 December 2nd at 1:19 PM
by tl93
Make Accio Difficulty change...
Posted by MisterC8
6 December 2nd at 1:05 PM
by tl93
Trade Crafting Materials
Posted by Tillina
2 November 21st at 8:27 PM
by Azaryah
Limited time offer suggestion
Posted by iBest
6 November 21st at 12:22 AM
by iBest
Skip Animation Button
Posted by Amanda Kolecke
1 November 18th at 3:14 PM
by Amanda Kolecke
desertbus crusaders
Posted by Fyuri13
1 November 17th at 1:00 PM
by Fyuri13
Limited time offer frequency
Posted by Chimerawizard
3 November 16th at 11:23 AM
by Chimerawizard