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Sticky: Codename Entertainment Conduct Guidelines
Posted by Erika/Alyniana
1 July 23rd 2015 at 10:24 AM
by Erika/Alyniana
Spawn Spd in Stats Window
Posted by taiboxa
4 Today at 11:42 AM
by Bazilus
Mission tags
Posted by Tyrone
2 Saturday at 5:00 PM
by Azaryah
A lock button on the bottom of the hero screen
Posted by richardlycn013
1 Friday at 11:24 PM
by richardlycn013
Posted by patient0
7 June 15th at 5:22 PM
by Amanda Kolecke
Developer Missions
Posted by ihatethisfing
1 June 15th at 2:25 AM
by ihatethisfing
Legendary Cost Timer
Posted by Haftetavenscrap
6 June 13th at 2:31 PM
by Amanda Kolecke
Little suggestions
Posted by Megalord
7 June 12th at 11:26 AM
by Animenut
Mimic list
Posted by ihatethisfing
5 June 10th at 6:18 PM
by ihatethisfing
Warwick still a concern
Posted by Animenut
2 June 10th at 10:43 AM
by Azamagon
Pete's Legendaries - Some changes
Posted by Azamagon
5 June 9th at 7:16 AM
by Azamagon
Base DPS balance / legendary downgrade feedback / animal -99 a.p. add suggestion (Page 1 2 3)
Posted by BeigeMidnight
41 June 9th at 2:57 AM
by Lynerus
Accio monsters objectives
Posted by Frogprince
1 June 5th at 9:38 AM
by Frogprince
Transmuting buff cards
Posted by Animenut
7 June 3rd at 1:19 AM
by Amanda Kolecke
Event Chest: bubble of crusaders
Posted by Chimerawizard
5 June 3rd at 12:58 AM
by Amanda Kolecke
Please add button for opens a lot of chests.
Posted by Bazilus
5 June 3rd at 12:51 AM
by Amanda Kolecke
auto "LVL UP" checkbox
Posted by Mr Cook
2 June 1st at 11:05 AM
by Raymond Jerome
Global player reset
Posted by Demonsamura
8 June 1st at 4:37 AM
by Andreas
Re-doing objectives after all tiers completed
Posted by vince
6 May 29th at 4:13 PM
by Raymond Jerome
New Missions Suggestion
Posted by Cassius335
11 May 29th at 10:26 AM
by Animenut