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Codename Entertainment
Leona Virgo "Savior of Sanctuary"

Level 400
XP 9200/0
XP 9200/0
54,998/5,552 Energy
54,998/5,552 Energy
11/44 Power
11/44 Power
34/64 Mana
34/64 Mana
Tier 3 Super TrinketPocket PiranhaFlux Living-Wood Dowsing Rod (rare)Flux Ferocious Wand (rare)Gushing CornucopiaFlux Gushing Cornucopia (rare)Bush Almanac (2015-2035)Lustrous Polished Golden Sapphire TrinketFrozen YogurtAlien Time Shortener
Fun Stats:
Total Mana Spent440368Total Energy Spent24356768
Total Power Spent333948Quests Completed1444
Repeatable Quests Completed28404XP Earned From Quests12349070
Gold Earned From Quests32090976Energy Earned From Quests0
Excess Mana Gained31165Excess Power Gained48473
Agates Won3435Aquamarines Won11081
Citrines Won84104Topazes Won36789
Sapphires Won8222Rubies Won1829
Jades Won497Moonstones Won112
Emeralds Won22Diamonds Won3
Gem Value Won13824591Unique Days Played1983
Achievement9140Gold Won32400410
Friend Whacks Used25387Quick Whacks Used161962
Grand Master Bush Whacker
Whack 10,000,000 Bushes
Bushes Whacked:
Master Monster Hunter
Whack 1,000,000 Monsters
Monsters Whacked:
Bank Owner
Find ten million gold in total!
Two Years of Whacking
Play on seven hundred and thirty unique days!
Master Bush Multiplier
Use 1,000,000 power on bushes or monsters!
Power Used:
Master Magic User
Use 1,000,000 mana on bushes or monsters!
Mana Spent:
Found a Sapphire
Find a sapphire in a bush or monster!
Found a Ruby
Find a ruby in a bush or monster!
Found a Jade
Find a jade in a bush or monster!
Found a Moonstone
Find a moonstone in a bush or monster!
Found a Emerald
Find an emerald in a bush or monster!
Now Do It Again
Find another diamond in a bush or monster!
Grand Guru Puzzle Solver
Solve 300 Puzzles
Grand Master Item Finder
Find 1000 Customization Items
Custom Items Found:
Energy Abuser!
Use 10,000 Energy Packs
Shopkeepers Best Friend
Purchase 1280 items from the store!
Mangos Are Good
Gain 1,000,000 Energy from fruit!
Millions of Gems!
Find gems worth at least five million agates in total!
Blue Goo
Miss out on at least 10,000 excess mana!
Waste Not, Want Not
Miss out on at least 10,000 excess power!
Gem Traded
Trade a Gem
Other Peoples Problems!
Complete 250 Quests
Stack Those Bonuses!
Find or purchase 50 Trinkets
Frekvent Kund
Find 40 pages of the IDEA Catalog
Senior House Decorator
Place 200 items at your house!
Flower Master
Grow 1 of each common plant for the Spring Event!
Beast Master
Get 1 of each animal for the Spring Event!
Spring Decorator
Buy 3 of each flower box/ pot and 1 watering can!
Where is my White Whale?
Fish up 20,000 Energy worth of Fish
Energy Fished Up:
Another Mans Treasure
Fish up 100,000 Gold worth of items.
Lean Green Fishing Machine
Fish up 10,000 Junk Items!
Junk Fished Up:
Automatic Fishing Machine
Cast your Fishing line 100,000 Times!
Lines Cast:
Journeyman Crafter
Craft 20 Trinkets from Scratch!
Waste Not
Combine old Trinkets to create a new one 20 times!
Dressed for Freedom
Buy all 6 player items from the 2012 Patriot event!
A Patriotic Pad
Buy all 7 house items from the 2012 Patriot event!
Fine Dining
Cook 5 kinds of food during the Patriot event!
Iron Chef
Cook 300 pieces of food during the Patriot event!
Colorful Booms
Fire off 6 types of fireworks during the Patriot event!
Many Booms
Fire off 600 fireworks during the Patriot event!
Farmer's Market
Complete all 6 of the Farmer's Market daily quests!
Hermit Helper
Complete all 6 of the Old Hermit's daily quests!
The Wiki Knows All
Find 80 Secret Areas
Nate's De-Riddler
Help Nate find more underwater treasure!
Instant Lightning!
Win 4 Mana in a row
Bursting with Power
Win 4 Power in a row
Lucky Nothings!
Win 7 Nothings in a row
Nature's Sugar Rush
Win 4 Fruit in a row
Carnival Ace
Win 8 Prize Tokens at all four carnival games!
Gotta Try 'Em All
Play all four games offered at the Carnival!
Carnival Customization
Buy all 6 player items from the 2012 Carnival!
Party at My Place
Buy all 6 house items from the 2012 Carnival!
Big Time Bonus Buyer
Purchase 10 Bonus Prize Packs from the Carnival!
Putting on the Uniform
Buy all 6 player items from the 2012 Jr. BW Event!
Junior Decorating Award
Buy all 4 house items from the 2012 Jr. BW Event!
Won a 'Diamond!'
Help a Jr. Bush Whacker find a 'Diamond!'
Power to the People
Help each of the three Jr. BWs power up.
Working Stronger
Help all of the Jr BWs level up to level 15.
General Store Savior
Complete all 6 of the General Store daily quests!
Mansion Maniac
Get 50 decorations for your Haunted Mansion!
Spooky Home Decorator
Get all house items from the 2012 Halloween Event!
Year-round Cosplayer
Get all player items from the 2012 Halloween Event!
Scarred for Life
Scare all the kids in your Haunted Mansion!
Trick or Treat
Go Trick or Treating on or after Halloween!
Hat Trick
Score three goals in the Snowy Mountains!
Thankful Decorator
Buy all of the 2012 Turkey Day ranch items.
Thankful Dresser
Buy all of the 2012 Turkey Day custom items.
Special Order
Complete all the special dish quests.
Master of the Ways
Cook a pristine version of every dish.
Short Order Cook
Help prepare every available standard dish.
Turkey Lover
Rescue those poor turkeys before...
Expert Elf Helper
Help the elves create 50 presents at each station.
Diverse Santa
Help Santa deliver a present to four houses.
Santa Santa
Deliver a present while dressed as Santa.
Purchase all of the 2012 Christmas Holiday Items.
Reverse Santa
This achievement is no longer obtainable.
Schoolyard Victor
Win 5 snowball fights in the North Pole.
Christmas Savior
Help out all the citizens of the North Pole in need.
Reindeer Herder
Find the missing reindeer 5 times.
Yay! Presents
Open a present from the devs on Christmas Day.
Up, Up, and Away
Further expand your house (Requires level 90)
Complete all of Misty's daily quests.
Army of Lightness
Hatch 13 companions and help them grow.
The Big Four-Oh
Level a companion to level 40.
Customization Lover
Purchase all of the Valentine's custom items from the 2013 event.
Party Planning Leader
Help 50 times at each Valentine's Station.
Pet Detective
Find each of the little kid's Lost Pets.
Nate's Date
Help Nate pick his Date for this year's dance.
Setup Wizard
Help the organizers with all their tasks.
Green Pride Week
Purchase all of the St. Patrick's custom items from the 2013 event.
More Little Rascals
Capture all of the pesky missing Leprechauns.
Destructive Behavior
Help 25 times at each St. Patrick's Station.
My Rainbow!
Whack rainbow while dressed like Leprechaun.
Seeing Double
Talk to each Leprechaun while dressed like them.
Purchase all the 2013 Easter custom items.
Winner, Winner!
Win the Easter Egg Hunt. You can do it!
Win the Easter Egg Hunt with a perfect score.
Pro Egg Designer
Help 40 times at each of the Egg Stations.
That's Not Fair!
Win the Egg Hunt while dressed as Easter Bunny
Basket Weaving 101
Complete the Easter Reeds quest 5 times.
Bacon Bacon
Whack 250 Bacon
Whack 50 Walking Bacon
It's Over 9000!!!
Equip more than 9000 Trinket Rating at once.
Fresh Year Round
Purchase all the 2013 Spring custom items.
Impress all of the gardening critics.
Most Impressive
Get an A+ rating from the final critic.
Well Rounded Coach
Help coach all four sports teams.
Greedy Coach
Help all four teams win the AAA championship.
Sports Fan
Purchase all of the 2013 Sport Event custom items.
Onside Play
Help the folks in the event with their tasks.
Working Hardest on Vacation
Completed all of the Amicus Isle daily quests.
The Midas Touch
Buy 10 items from an Amicus Isle wandering merchant for gold.
I'll Just Multiply More
Buy 10 items from an Amicus Isle wandering merchant for gems.
Cat Food Fund
Buy 10 items from an Amicus Isle wandering merchant for bush bucks.
Freedom of Purchases
Purchase all of the 2013 Patriot event items.
The People's Quester
Complete all of the Patriot event side quests.
High Jungle Sleuth
Help Investigator Kaine with the High Jungle Settlement!
Sweet Tooth
Help William satisfy his Sweet Tooth. Or not.
Carnival Collector
Purchase all of the 2013 Carnival event items.
Pool Digger
Build the Pool for the Dog Days event.
Safety to the Max!
Help 50 times at each pool-side station.
Dog Days Sale
Buy all the 2013 custom items and pool items.
Doggy Daycare
Complete all of the Dog Dailies during the event.
Man's Best Friend
Level up your adopted Puppy pet to level 10.
Apprentice Alchemist
Complete all of Ellesandra's Alchemy daily quests.
Master Disenchanter
Disenchant 5000 runes using Alchemy.
Runes Disenchanted:
Novice Combiner
Successfully combine two runes 50 times using Alchemy.
Runes Combined:
Expert Alchrafter
Craft 1000 items using Alchemy.
Runes Crafted:
Jr. Merchandiser
Buy all 11 items from the 2013 Jr. BW Event!
Honorary Jr. Whacker
Complete 8 Enthusiastic Jr. Whacker quests!
Candy Spender
Purchase all the Halloween 2013 items!
Halloween Collector
Have at least 40 unique decorations in your H.M.!
Thankful Shopper
Buy all of the 2013 Turkey Day items
Historical Detective
Help Bob investigate the history of Bushwhackia
Impossible Achiever
Earn 400 unique Achievements.
Inn-Valuable Assistance
Complete all of the Friendly Inn daily quests.
Meet and Greet
Meet all 16 of the random travellers at the Friendly Inn.
Reverse Grinch
Deliver a present while dressed as a grinch.
All The Toys
Purchase all of the 2013 Christmas Holiday Items.
Napping Nate Nabber
This achievement is no longer obtainable.
Nate's Inventory
Purchase all the Nate's Birthday 2014 Items.
Safety Inspector
Do 50 turn-ins at each of the Safety Stations.
Without a Hitch
Help Nate with all of his setup quests.
Just Like Nate!
Bungle each activity while dressed like Nate.
Neverending Supply
Complete each of the daily quests 3 times.
Customize Your Love
Purchase all of the 2014 Valentine's items.
My Leprechaun!
Whack Leprechaun while dressed like rainbow.
A Fine Brew
Help a festival goer brew their own beer.
Rainbow Parade
Purchase all of the 2014 St. Patrick's custom items
Talk to all the guests at Sasha's housewarming party. It's fun!
Well, That Was Odd
Do a quest... for a bush?
The Ones That Got Away
Try to whack some bushes. We dare you.
The Other Ones That Got Away
Those are slippery little critters.
Easter Token Finder
Purchase all of the 2014 Easter custom items
Easter Feasting
Help Chef Elza prepare an Easter Feast!
Theatre Buff
Watch all four of the classic outdoor theatre shows.
Crazy Cat Lover
Watch Cats at the outdoor theatre 10 times.
Spring Spender
Purchase all the 2014 Spring custom items.
Slots Addict
Play the slot machines 25000 times.
Golden Winner
Win a gold tier prize from a slot machine.
Platinum Winner
Win a platinum tier prize from a slot machine.
Bonus Prize Solver
Solve the Amicus Isle Casino bonus prize puzzle.
Cashing Out
Buy 10 items with Casino Prize Tokens.
Items Purchased:
Sports Lover
Purchase all of the 2014 Sports custom items.
The Hidden Legend
There's a Sports Legend in the Commons.
Freedom's Price
Purchase all of the 2014 Patriot custom items.
The Tyrant
Deal with the Tyrant of the Commons.
Nostalgic Whacker
Repair the teleporter and fulfill your duty...
Carnival Connoisseur
Purchase all of the 2014 Carnival event items.
Dog Days Outlet
Purchase all of the 2014 Dog Days event items.
Training Day
Complete all the Dog Training quests.
Master Trainer
Complete all of the PAGAS Pet Training daily quests.
Fashion Badge
Help Perry earn his Jr. Fashion Badge.
Capitalism Badge
Help Elliot earn her Jr. Capitalism Badge.
Supporting the Cause
Purchase all the 2014 Jr. BW Event items.
Find 1000 Trophy Items!
Jurassic Park
Find a Trophy Item that's more than 50,000,000 years old.
Find a Centipede with more than 128 feet.
Dedicated Trophy Hunter
Find all 10 unique Trophy Items.
Spooky Purchases
Purchase all the 2014 Halloween Event items.
Year-Round Scares
Complete the "Moulder Most Foul" Quest Line.
Costume Quest
Complete all the Halloween Costume Quests.
Black Friday
Purchase all the 2014 Thanksgiving Event items.
Family Matters
Bring Brock's family together for Thanksgiving.
No Returns Allowed!
Purchase all the 2014 Christmas items!
12 Days of Bushmas
On the twelfth day of Bushmas...
Reverse Santa 2.0
This achievement is no longer obtainable.
Moving On Up
Complete all of the Skyscraper's Second Floor daily quests.
Tiny Little Arms
Bungle each activity dressed like a Dragon.
Nate's Stash
Purchase all the 2015 Nate Birthday event items.
Put out a fire and save a building from burning.
Dragon Slayer
Scare off a dragon and save the Commons.
Harvest Moon
Get 10 crops to level 10 using your Plant Splicing Station.
Purchase all the 2015 Valentine's event items.
Five Stages of Grief
Help Nate's jilted lover through the 5 stages.
Two Left Feet
Invite someone to dance with you.
Derringer's Apprentice
Help Derringer create a VERY powerful Rune.
King of Clubs
Help Seamus make a Shillelagh.
Lucky Purchase
Purchase all the 2015 St. Patrick's Day event items.
Lambs Against Lamb
Help Lambchop protest the Easter Feast!
Egg Eagle Eye
Find 75 eggs during the World Wide Egg Hunt!
Gone Egg Crazy
Purchase all the 2015 Easter event items
Garage Sale Connoisseur
Purchase all the 2015 Spring event items
Five Days at Freddy's
Completed all of Freddy's Spring Daily Quests!
That'll Never Work... Oh, It Worked
Try to put something in a place it shouldn't fit.
Sporty Shopper
Purchase all the 2015 Summer Sports items.
Gaming Gnome
Help Wil make a customized gnome!
Celebratory Splurge
Purchase all the 2015 Patriot Event items.
Put on the Rarest Show!
Find all the Rare Fireworks Launcher additions!
I got many Horsies
Tame six different horse varieties
Use 1000 Hay to reroll potential bonuses
Hays Fed:
So Many Bonuses
Raise a mount with 8 different bonuses
Well Trained
Use Pristine Feed to set a single potential bonus
Feed your mounts 500 times
Feeds Fed:
What a Rebel
Have a mount pick a level-up bonus with a less than 5% chance
Mountain of Mounts
Obtain 100 mounts
Serious Business
Play all the holes on 50 people's golf courses
Green Fields
Complete the quests to construct your own mini-golf course
Movie Madness
Watch all four of the summer movie outdoor theatre shows.
Assemble Again
Watch the Bushvengers at the outdoor theatre 10 times.
Public Servant
Complete all the Mayoral Duties daily quests
Purchase all of the 2015 Carnival Event items!
Dunk all eight unique Carnival Event dunk-ees!
Cloudland Quester
Complete all the Cloud Castle daily quests!
Summer Supplies
Purchase all of the 2015 Dog Days Event items!
Jr. Shopaholic
Purchase all of the 2015 Jr. Bush Whacker items!
Cooking Badge
Help Jaidee earn her Jr. Cooking Badge.
Just Like Dora
Join the Explorer's League
Purchase all of the 2015 Halloween Event items!
Grow a very large Pumpkin.
Lockbox Creatures
Complete Part 4 of the Epic Explorer's League quest-line.
Thanks For The Stuff
Purchase all of the 2015 Thanksgiving Event items!
Parade Enthusiast
Watch the Common's Thanksgiving Day parade.
Season of Shopping
Purchase all of the 2015 Christmas Event items!
Build yourself a Snowman in the North Pole!
Nate's Finer Things
Purchase all the Nate's Birthday 2016 Items.
Surprise Explosions!
Help organize a surprise party for Nate.
Hearts Hearts Hearts
Purchase all the Valentine's 2016 items.
Savior of Sanctuary
Complete all the story quests in Sanctuary Village
Repeat Sanctuary Quester
Complete 250 Daily Quests in Sanctuary Village
Dutiful Sanctuary Quester
Complete 32 Unique Daily Quests in Sanctuary Village
Always Wearing Green
Purchase all the St. Patrick's 2016 Items.
Mythological Detective
Help Bree learn about Irish Mythology.
Easter Decorator
Purchase all the Easter 2016 Items.
Gone Steady
Go steady in Sanctuary Village.
Help set up your own Surprise Party. Spoilers!
Papers, Please!
Do a 50 turn-ins at each support station.
Celebrate Good Times
Buy all the 4th Anniversary Event items.
Earn all 8 developer gnomes from the 2016 Anniversary Event.
Know Your Stuff
Complete the Trivia daily quest 5 times.
Lookin' Sharp
Enter the costume contest.
Best Buddies
Complete the Kaine and Nate event quests.
Fashion Critic
Vote 50 times in the costume content.
Spring Token Trader
Buy all the 2016 Spring Garden items.
Complete all of the Beehive quests.
Spring Botanist
Collect flowers for each Garden judge.
Buy all the 2016 Summer Sports items.
Complete all the Other Sports quests.
Patriotic Purchases
Buy all the 2016 Patriot event items.
Carnival Compulsion
Purchase all of the 2016 Carnival Event items!
Summer Souvenirs
Purchase all of the 2016 Dog Days of Summer Event items!
Jr. Patron
Purchase all of the 2016 Jr. Bush Whacker items!
Camping Badge
Help Keisha set up a demo campsite to help other jr. whackers get their Camping Badges!
All Hallows' Items
Purchase all of the 2016 Halloween Event items!
There's A Skeleton In Us All
Help The Bone Doctor make a skeleton!
Connected Commons
Help Port-Co. establish their first teleporter in the Commons.
Commons Teleporter Hub
Help Port-Co. build all three teleporters in the Commons.
Teleporter Destinations
Help build a Port-Co. teleporter anywhere in Bushwhackia.
Connected Bushwhackia
Help build all the Bushwhackia Port-Co. teleporters (up to Explorer's Camp).
Flux-uating Destinations
Help build a Port-Co. teleporter in a Flux.
Grateful Expenditure
Purchase all of the 2016 Thanksgiving Event items!
Fridge Fix-Up
Help Fatima fix an old fridge and move it to your ranch!
Thorough Taste Testing
Help Miss Mei top up cooking supplies 6 times.
Winter Solstice Souvenirs
Purchase all of the 2016 Christmas Event items!
Well-arranged Caroling
Find all the special arrangements of famous Christmas Carols!
Naughty Nabber
Permanently borrow an item from Nate's house
Birthday Souvenirs
Purchase all the Nate's Birthday 2017 Items.
A Heroic Gift
Help Natalie make Nate look like a hero.
Guitar Training
Follow through with Virtuoso Guitarist Jimmie's lessons.
Passionate Purchases
Purchase all of the 2017 Valentine's Event items.
A Secret Admirer
Find a note from a true secret admirer.
Rainbow Cloud Island Secrets
Find all of the special items on the Rainbow Cloud Island.
Crafty Brewing
Help Alec Guinness brew the craftiest of St. Patrick's beers.
Patty's Purchases
Purchase all the St. Patrick's Event 2017 Items.
Arctic Explorer
Complete all the story quests in the Spine of the World Explorer's Camp.
Explorer's Camp Secrets
Find all the secret coin stashes in the Spine of the World Explorer's Camp.
Repeat Arctic Quester
Complete 250 Daily Quests in the Spine of the World Explorer's Camp.
Dutiful Arctic Quester
Complete 30 Unique Daily Quests in the Spine of the World Explorer's Camp.
Ancient Trial Trier
Complete a trial in the ancient City of the Rocksmashers.
Professional Trial Doer
Complete 25 trials in the ancient City of the Rocksmashers.
Sir Bacon!
Whack 20 Sir Francis Bacons.
Easter Item Exodus
Purchase all the Easter 2017 Items.
Chocolate Egg Maker
Help Edna make her own chocolate Easter eggs!
Hyatt's Hats Hustler
Help Hyatt unlock his passion for creating hats!
Acquire 3 hairstyles from Roszak during the Hairstyle Appreciation Promo.
Bee Buddy
Help Joel make Bushwhackia a better place for the bees.
Bug Collector
Help Satoshi expand his bug collection.
Organic Acquisitions
Purchase all the Spring Garden 2017 Items.
Claudette's Curiosities
Donate unique relics to Curator Claudette at the Explorer's Camp.
Athletic Acquisitions
Purchase all the 2017 Summer Sports items.
Bad Betting Buster
Help Bookmaker Bailey stop the illegal sports better.
Mighty Mick
Help Bo become a pro boxer.
National Acquirer
Purchase all the 2017 Patriot event items.
Canada Sesquicentennial
Help Connie the Canadian and make full use of a Free Parks Pass.
Cashed Carnival
Purchase all the 2017 Summer Carnival items.
Scuba Dunk
Dunk yourself in the dunk tank again while wearing a hefty metal helmet used for diving. (Don't have one? Maybe you can fish one up, from a stream on top of a rocky mountain...)
Daredevil Darer
Make Peat Bog risk his life for entertainment 5 extra times.
Pool Party Procurer
Purchase all the 2017 Dog Days of Summer event items.
Pro Racer Assesser
Buy all the racer assessment upgrades for the Companion Race Track.
Dog Days Race Track Regular
Successfully win 5 bets on the Companion Race Track.
The Plodding Blob
Help Shayla Sharker train her blobfish for the Companion Race Track.
Jr Whacker Wares
Purchase all the 2017 Junior Bush Whacker event items.
Tree Planter
Plant 100 trees for Julia during the Junior Bush Whacker event.
Scary Swag
Purchase all of the 2017 Halloween Event items!
Craven Candies
Find each trick-or-treater's favourite candy.
Feastful Frittering
Purchase all of the 2017 Thanksgiving Event items!
Fattened Feathered Friend
Help Nate fatten up his turkey.
The Gift of Getting
Purchase all of the 2017 Christmas Event items!
Sweater Weather
Buy one of Mrs. Claus' specialty sweaters!
The Gift of Taking
This achievement is no longer obtainable.
Nate's Treasures
Purchase all the Nate's Birthday 2018 Items.
Romantic Acquisitions
Purchase all of the 2018 Valentine's Event items.
Phenomenal Cosmic Power
Using Alchemy, create a Rune that has at least +50% odds to win a single type of item.
The Unlucky Alchemist
Use a 90% Luck Sphere and still fail to combine two Runes using Alchemy.
Jackpot Winner
Win the jackpot prize from a slot machine.
Jackpot Tier Items:
Find a Gigantic Carrot that's longer than six feet.
Find a Giant Squid that's longer than 12 feet.
Connected Flux
Help build all the Flux Port-Co. teleporters (up to Flux 17.0).
Arctic Explorer Supporter
Purchase all of the items from the Spine of the World Explorer's Camp store.